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How lost $140k in a reward system bug

Recently, had trouble with the authentication procedure for the game, causing them to lose a substantial sum of money and close down the service. In turn, consumers abused a backdoor in the framework that web creators had left wide open and was only fixed after a tone of revenue had been wasted by the organization. What, though is, and how did it lose so much money?

What does mean? is an online gaming platform that enables users to gamble on casino games such as roulette that are normal. Players use website-specific currencies, because it functions in a somewhat similar manner to Bitcoin gaming, except you don’t use real-world currency, so you can trade winnings for real-world value stuff.

The site’s most unique selling point is that it enables users to link their Steam gaming profiles to some games and export their winnings. It also offers players free coins on qualifying games for clocking up a minimum amount of hours.

Why have they been wasting too much money?

Unfortunately, the generosity of was also their weakness. It is just just encouraging misuse of the scheme by enabling users to earn free coins by completing a certain number of hours on a game. The website used to be related to CSGO and PUBG only but a new game was introduced by the developers: Dota2. This is when stuff begin to go south for them.

With the launch of Dota2, the website witnessed a rise of new users, as with any new product and update. It’s a famous game, after all, and one in which micro-transactions prevail., though, noticed that about a month after Dota2 was added to their platform, new customers were already flooding in. This was a phenomenon, and so the site’s administrators explored it.

In the scheme, users had discovered a workaround that enabled them to register new accounts continuously, each getting their free coins. expanded the number of playtime hours needed to earn the coins to counteract this. The users found a way around this and they stayed with fewer accounts instead of relying on thousands of new accounts, but got the right number of hours required. In the end, every day there were between 10 and 15,000 accounts demanding free coins. This would have run tens of thousands of Bitcoin dollars a day if left uncontrolled. removed their Dota2 authentication mechanism to fix the error. This is the only way they can avoid themselves getting bled out by a limited group of individuals before they have uncovered the loophole in the method. Every day as a company, they hand away around $5,000 worth of payment bonuses, but making people misuse the scheme just destroys things for other customers.

There will still be a limited percentage of people who misuse a scheme, as in any method. Luckily, it was captured by until it erupted into an even greater crisis.

Madonna Thomas is the Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Techno Gaming World. Prior to that, She was responsible for leading its digital marketing team and Content Operations.