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Responsible Gambling Features In Merkur Slots

One of the most important factors that many players are looking for from an online casino is the features on-site to promote responsible gambling. Along with these features helping users on-site to enjoy gameplay within their means, these features make the sites more trustworthy to their players.

There are many different features that an online casino site can make available to ensure that players are enjoying gameplay responsibly. The user can manage some of these, whilst others are automatically implemented to players after spending a fixed amount of time or money on the site. Casino websites have a responsibility to ensure their members are enjoying the games on-site in a responsible manner, and in some cases, their gambling licences rely on it.

One such online casino website with a great range of features available to help players have a sensible time on site is Merkur Slots. Here we will talk through the various features at Merkur Slots and how these can help players keep their online casino experience safe.

Responsible Gambling Page at Merkur Slots

Players looking for any of the information or features relating to responsible gambling at Merkur Slots will find them on the fittingly named ‘Responsible Gambling’ page. This dedicated section of the site includes information on the tools available on-site alongside tips and its commitment to helping players game responsibly.

The page begins with Merkur Slots’ commitment to providing customers with a safe environment. Next, all of the tools available on-site that can help players play responsibly are explained, with setting limits to deposits, losses and playtime on-site being the first mentioned. The next section talks through the features available to block a player from the site for a set amount of time, including the ‘Account Pause’ and ‘Self-Exclusion’ options. This is followed by external support information like responsible gambling websites and questions that users can ask themselves to identify any potential unhealthy gambling habits. There are also plenty of tips and controls users can look through to help them remain in control of gameplay.

Players looking to find the Merkur Slots responsible gambling page will find it from the ‘Help Centre’ page or at the bottom of any game page on site.

Financial Limits

These features allow players to set limits on their spending over a predetermined period of time. Deposit limits can stop a user from adding more than a certain amount of money to their account over a daily, weekly or monthly period. This is a great way to stop players from chasing losses by depositing more and more funds into their account. Chasing losses is a problem that some players can have with casino games and something that all sites try to stop players from doing. The idea that a game will payout after so much money has been lost is incorrect; these games work off a random number generator which is completely random and determined by luck.

Another financial limit that players can set at Merkur Slots is a loss limit. This refers to the amount of money players can lose over a period of time. Setting a limit on the amount you can spend over a day, week or month can help you stay in control of your losses and play games only with the money you can afford to lose. The reminder that players get when they’ve reached their limit can also help players acknowledge the time spent playing and take a break if needed.

Play Reminders

Another useful responsible feature that can help players from losing track of time with play is play reminders. The games available at Merkur Slots are designed primarily for great gameplay, and it is possible for players to lose track of time spent when playing their games. Choosing to set a play reminder to be triggered every 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes is a great way for players to avoid spending too much time playing the games on-site.

Account Pause/Exclusion

These features are available for players looking to spend some time away from online casino games. The ability to pause an account is great for players looking to take a break from play momentarily. Once selected, the user will not be able to access their account at Merkur Slots or other operators. Not only this, but they will not receive any marketing material for the site during this pause. A user looking to take a short break can pause their account for 1 day, 1 week, 4 weeks or 6 weeks, after which the account is automatically reopened.

Players that are worried about any negative impacts on their play at Merkur Slots also have the ability to close their account for a longer time period. The self-exclusion option allows a user to stop themselves from playing games on site for a longer period. This feature gives players the option to remove any temptation to play for 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 2 years or even 5 years. This feature includes measures to stop players from creating another account or on other sites operated by Eyas Gaming. Players have to contact the customer care team and go through a consideration period before making their account available after a Self Exclusion period. Therefore, this cannot be reverted easily, reinforcing Merkur’s priority to safe gaming.

Other Features

Along with the features players can use to stay more in control of gameplay at Merkur Slots, there are more available on-site to help gamers play responsibly. Users can look through the self-assessment questions on-site if they think they are developing a negative relationship with online gaming. There are plenty of useful tips as well, such as avoiding mixing gambling and alcohol. Overall, these could help players form a more healthy relationship with casino play.


The range of responsible gambling features at Merkur Slots can be very helpful in ensuring that players enjoy gameplay with minimal negative implications. If you are looking to try some online casino play, these features are just some of the things you can look for on-site.

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