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8 Ways Gaming Culture is Changing

Advancements in technology and software development have enabled eSports to progress at a rapid pace. It’s now a sophisticated industry that has brought an evolving eSports culture.

Career Opportunities

ESports has opened up new careers with incredible financial rewards. Yet unlike many skilled professions, interactive gaming is open to absolutely anyone. It’s possible for a player to progress through the levels of a favorite game, such as Valorant, and reach professional team status. Players need time to perfect their skills. One way to achieve this is by watching the pros! Check the Valorant tournament schedule here and hone your craft by watching the experts.

YouTube Popularity

ESports gaming has gained in popularity due to its accessibility. Live streaming of events has added real-time excitement and suspense to interactive games. Gamers such as PewDiePie have gained an enormous online following through posting game action on YouTube. In the future, even more players are sure to emulate their gaming heroes.

Virtual Reality

ESports games, such as Valorant, could become even more interactive thanks to virtual reality technology. At present, VR is not too widespread, but once its interactive possibilities are realized, it’s sure to rapidly increase. The experience of players literally stepping inside the action gives all types of games a completely new dimension.


Players and audiences love the camaraderie of eSports. Cosplay has evolved from fan-worship and self-expression. Cosplay helps them connect with a favorite team or agent. Valorant cosplay has become increasingly popular due to the range of characters and their strong identities. Cosplay is sure to become even more popular as people enjoy the element of fantasy fun.

Removing Prejudice

At least 30% of eSports gamers are women, yet they often face harassment from male competitors who view gaming as a macho pursuit. The growing success of women professional players and all-female teams is sure to encourage more women to try out video gaming.

New Leagues

ESports continue to evolve, making gaming even more exciting. For example, Riot Games is restructuring Valorant for 2023 to include brand new international leagues. Setting new challenges for players increases motivation and interest, improving game loyalty while attracting new audiences.

Business Potential

ESports has become hugely successful and organized. Even in 2008, eSports fan Jay-Z could see the potential for player development. He established Roc, an agency that actively seeks out and signs players who have potential in the sport.

Smartphone Technology

Smartphone compatibility has become essential for so many aspects of daily life. In eSports gaming it enables players and fans to monitor tournament action in real-time wherever they happen to be.


ESports culture is evolving at an incredible pace, yet is still to reach its full potential. Through technology, adaptations and player involvement, it continues to progress.

Madonna Thomas is the Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Techno Gaming World. Prior to that, She was responsible for leading its digital marketing team and Content Operations.