Best movie based slots

Best movie based slots 2018

Everyone possibly believes that modern cinema is a common and sought-after medium of art that each month offers hundreds of masterpieces. As a consequence, game model makers have paid attention to the accomplishments of this style of craft.

Any successful online slot maker, such as Big Time Gaming, currently has at least one model dedicated to popular blockbusters. Those video slots are very popular among Internet users, by the way, so we recommend that you get acquainted with the movie slots that became popular in 2018.

There is a thematic template for each of these game types, popular characters and of course, several different rewards. In addition, without registration and extra uploading, all these video slots are open.

“Thrones Game”

You’ve learned the name of this film, even though you don’t like cinema. In 2018, “Game of Thrones” bypassed hundreds of rivals and became one of the most successful campaigns.

Programmers from Microgaming firms have developed the slot of the same name and have moved amazing fights to 5 working reels where 243 lines are triggered by nature. You can see an excellent and elegant style that is adorned with a huge throne at the start of the game. Players will be required to select one of the 7 Kingdoms families (each of them has different offers and options).

A number of new characters / rounds / prizes were also introduced by the developers. Moreover, 243 active lines allow you to regularly shape combinations. You may also compete in the danger round as well. An entertaining melody that allows to immerse yourself in the game is followed by the game session.

Fans of this series have an amazing video slot to check out!

“Park of the Jurassic”

2018 has also brought us a recent film that teaches us about the futures of humans and dinosaurs reborn. Microgaming Company was encouraged by the popularity and large box office of the film to create a beautiful new video slot with unsurpassed features.

The graphics slot system fulfills all specifications. Users would be reluctant to rotate reels owing to 3D visuals and realistic sounds. In the context, there is a lovely and ominous image of nature at the same moment. The gui for video slots is easy and clear.

You just have to execute one operation to start the game (to make a bet). This is attributable to 243 paylines that are default involved. There are several features in the video slot that will display during gameplay: a feral / scatter / T-Rex Warning function.

The “King Kong”

All probably knows the story of an immense monkey that terrorized New York. The famous film was released last year. Of default, slot machine makers paid heed to this film’s strong scores.

On the playing field of the same-name video slot, Playtech was able to resurrect the great King Kong. By the way, more than one video slot devoted to popular films has been published by this producer. But it was “King Kong” that generated an outstanding performance.

Firstly, in 2 modes, the gameplay takes place. Changing the mode is followed by a shift in the collection of characters and scenery. High-quality graphics and the same musical accompaniment are given for each mode (urban and jungle).

Second, several lucrative choices that are followed by massive payouts may be triggered by a player.

Thirdly, thanks to this fantastic show, you have the chance to meet your favorite characters who have become famous.

“Iron Guy 3”

Tony Stark, the billionaire and philanthropist, has been the idol of all those guys who enjoy superhero comics and movies. This illustrates the remarkable popularity of the game slot Playtech, which experts devoted to the previous portions of the movie video slots and scratch cards.

On 5 reels and 25 marijuana row, the war against villains takes place. The related keys under the playing field govern these values. Contemporary visuals of high quality are seamlessly coupled with thematic sound and numerous benefits. In addition, a radical jackpot may be won by each contestant and a new Tony Stark!

“League of Justice”

We could concentrate on the “Justice League” video slot devoted to the eponymous film that was released last year, speaking about superheroes. This is an entertaining tale that talks about the five superheroes’ confrontation with evil. Any follower of DC Comic Universe wants to check out this video slot and experience their favorite 5-reel superheroes. The video slot also enables one of the advanced jackpots to be won. Do not skip this chance!

“The Apes Planet”

When creating new slots, NetEnt Studio often appeals to famous movies. This period, a slot named ‘World of the Apes’ was published by the developers.

With an array of special effects that make you immerse yourself in the world of the movie, the slot machine can surprise you. The player can also watch mini-plots that will occur after a mixture has been created. ‘Planet of the Apes’ is an odd gaming device, since on 2 screens the protagonists appear. It really helps to earn a lot. The writers have loaded the game console with 6 separate bonus features. Any of them can only be activated once the corresponding photos have emerged. In one term right now you can earn a bunch!


Video games focused on films have been produced several times by Playtech programmers. Each of them is the ‘Rocky’ slot. During the hottest moments of the battle, the game is saturated with the atmosphere of the ring, which makes the gameplay spicy and intense. The player has to help beat all the boxers with the wonderful Rocky to take the big jackpot.

Simple and straightforward rules with lucrative choices define the slot machine. All the functionality that will make your holiday great are in this video slot. Do not hesitate to activate options and icons for extra purposes.


In 2018, as you can see there are several video slots focused on movies. This genre of video slots will grow in 2019-20 when several launches of new films have been prepared by film firms, according to

Today, any movie and TV show fan will locate an acceptable video slot and encounter their favorite characters who are going to offer a bunch of payouts and presents. What are you supposed to wait for? Play and log!

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