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Overview of the Qatar Gambling Industry

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All forms of gambling in Qatar, like most other countries in which the majority of the population practice Islam is strictly forbidden. There are some violations in the law, and Qatar-based gamblers successfully use them to place their wagers.

The History of Gambling Regulations in Qatar

In Qatar, neither online nor traditional gambling is allowed, but camel racing used to be a popular sport. A camel owner could earn up to six figures.

Qatar was negatively affected by the camel racing practices. They were seen as cruel because of the involvement in young children who were used as jockeys.
In 2003, Qatar was threatened with sanctions unless authorities took immediate steps to stop child abuse.

A Swiss company produced robots that could withstand the harsh Qatari weather and were used to jockey in camel racing events.


Gambling activities are against the virtues and beliefs of Islam. There are no casinos, bingo halls, poker clubs, or other gambling establishments. The country’s territory. Qataris are still keen to gamble and have interests ranging from camel racing to sports betting. They choose to avoid legal gambling because they are unable to participate in it.

All illegal gambling activities are done discreetly because of the severe penalties for violators of the laws. However, illegal poker games are a very common practice. These games are often held in private homes owned by foreigners. The organizer will notify those who wish to play poker before the event begins. In addition, 10% of the winnings of the players is withheld.

Relevant Legislation & Legal Framework

Articles 274, 276 and 277 clearly define what activities are considered gambling. “Gambling” is defined as any activity in which the chance of winning or losing depends on luck, and each party agrees that they will pay the amount of money to the winner in the event of a loss.

While there are differences in which games should be considered luck-based or skill-based, Qatar government refuses to consider these arguments and bans any games that could be considered gambling.

The penalties for violating the law can reach as high as QAR6,000 depending on the severity of the crime.

Anyone involved in illegal gambling practices will be sent to prison for three months and fined QAR3,000. The penalty for illegal gambling is QAR6,000 plus six months imprisonment.

There are certain violations of law, such as the use or virtual private networks. Although they aren’t illegal, it is still illegal to use VPNs to access prohibited material.

Qatar’s top priority is to stop the growth of unregulated markets and curtail any illegal gambling activities. Players who place bets at home and aren’t involved in illegal gambling schemes are not subject to severe prosecution

Qatar authorities try to prevent residents from signing up online for offshore bookies and block the websites. However, this is not a very successful action and the number Qatari residents who have registered on offshore sports betting sites is increasing.

Qatar’s laws aren’t as severe as those in other countries that prohibit gambling. However, breaking Islamic law is a crime that has no positive consequences.

Online Gambling

Onlne Gambling is one of the offendible activities according to Islam. While online and traditional gambling are banned, there are many international booking sites that accept players from Qatar . There are many sites that can be considered unsafe, so players based in Qatar should choose a reliable website. A e-wallet can also be used to provide greater security.

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