Winning with a Blackjack Strategy 

Winning with a Blackjack Strategy 

It is recognised that Blackjack is one of the most common casino games in the world. The explanation for its success is that it has clear rules to remember and one of its key attractions is the low edge of the house. What several Blackjack players fail to understand is that the edge of the house can be further reduced. There have been many success stories about Blackjack and professional players like Kenny Uston and George Hascik have shown that the probability of winning can be increased by getting a Blackjack system.

Reducing the Edge of the Building

It is clear that the online Blackjack Canada offers are of high value and the gain of a low house edge when comparing casino games such as Roulette, Baccarat or Craps to Blackjack. A player may look at a home edge of only 0.8 percent when a player plays in a game that has good conditions and rules. A player who does not understand the value of a strategy for Blackjack will find themselves making more errors that impact their bankroll in turn. Once they have effective hands, a player who uses a strategy can make less errors and be able to bet more. A strategy results in the correct sized bets being made and also understanding where to position these bets, which helps to minimize losses and increase their wins.

The Basic Approach

Blackjack is a game where the advantage fluctuates as the subsequent hands will be influenced by any card that is dealt. Players that use even a simple strategy, also known as a basic strategy, will be able to reduce the house edge to around 0.5 percent, while players who do not rely on chance will note a 3 percent to 6 percent increase in the house edge. Strategies such as card counting are considered to completely erase the edge of the house to the point that the player has an advantage over the dealer. Players start winning more and raising their bankroll.

The value of using a simple strategy would be emphasized by professional Blackjack players and a basic strategy has been shown to work through a study carried out by Julian Braun in 1960. He devised a map that tells a player who moves throughout the game to make points. Particularly when playing at a land-based casino, players would need to memorise the chart in order for the strategy to work. It is obviously easier to play Blackjack online using a simple strategy, as players can check the map. Players need to be mindful that there might be situations that may not be protected by the chart and that they will make decisions independently of the chart.

Winning with a Blackjack Strategy 

Counting Card

Although the basic strategy will lead to a reduction of the edge of the house to 0.5 percent, it can be further reduced. Card counting is one method, and here, players can maximize their wins by betting more when they win and less when the dealer wins. Card counting is not permitted in many casinos, and a player can determine which step to make next by keeping track of the cards that are still to be dealt by using this technique.

Over the years, several different systems have been developed, each offering distinct challenges and complexities. Blackjack players should evaluate these systems and find one that fits their playing style and it is a definite chance to gain an advantage over the casino by making the right decisions.


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