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Which Is The Best Version Of Rainbow Riches?

If you are something like us when you think of Irish-themed online slots, there is one word that comes to mind above all the others. This is Barcrest’s “Rainbow Riches.” “We mean no disrespect to any other publisher or any of the incredible online slots they have created, but the undisputed market leader is “Rainbow Riches. For what an Irish-themed slot could look and sound, the very first “Rainbow Riches” set the stage. It’s the famous emblem of this game that you’ll see in real life somewhere next to the slots as you step into a casino. It’s one of the very few internet slots you could still see featured on TV, and it has earned massive sums of revenue for its parent business.

Everything we’ve just mentioned is precise, and yet there’s a huge problem with it. You know, “Rainbow Riches” isn’t just a single slot game online. It’s a whole series that has been published for several years, and takes on numerous forms and genres. There are “Rainbow Riches” models that are targeted at traditionalists. There are “Rainbow Riches” models targeted at individuals who love the functions of ‘easy spins,’ or massive jackpots. At this point in time, we can confidently assume that with any form of online slot match, there is a variant of “Rainbow Riches” out there, and it’s just a question of choosing the one that most appeals to you. With only one question to address, that leaves us which version of “Rainbow Riches” is the best?

The only logical way to tackle the question is to line up the strongest candidates side by side, so let’s do it!

The Rainbow Wealth Original

The first-ever “Rainbow Riches” slot by Barcrest was launched in 2009 and permanently changed the landscape of online slots. By adding larger-than-life protagonists, vibrant colours, and a combination of new and classic gaming that would set the standard for countless copies, clones, and games that would come in the next few years, it accomplished that. About the first “Rainbow Riches,” there’s nothing really complex or special. It’s a regular five-reeled slot of 95 percent RTP, a potential jackpot of 500x your line bet, and a few good bonus features. The “Wishing Well” prize-picker bonus was original for its day, and one of the strongest efforts to echo the theme of a traditional slot machine bonus in an online slots format is the “Road to Riches” bonus. It is more than the sum of its elements, and today it is still the most common version of “Rainbow Riches.” State it this way the game has to be a fairly big deal when a publication the size of the Sun prints a tutorial on how to play it!

Megaways from Rainbow Wealth

“Almost every classic slot from a decade or more ago ultimately gets the “Megaways” treatment, and that day finally arrived in July 2019 for “Rainbow Riches. “For most of the last three years, “Megaways” slots have revolutionised the field of online slots, and the “Megaways” edition of “Rainbow Wealth” arrives with all the trimmings. With a floating seventh, we’re talking around six reels, an impressive 117,649 ways to gain when any payline is enabled, and 96 percent RTP. To accommodate for the massively extended interface, though a few concessions had to be made, and so the only bonus features in sight are a ‘free spins’ round and a’ mega gem ‘set option that produces matching symbols. The jackpot has also been dropped from your line bet to x50. Online Slots UK is more dynamic and exciting to play than the first and has much of the same appeal.

Rays Of Gold by Rainbow Wealth

This production of 2018 may just be the most complicated of all the “Rainbow Riches” variants out there and perhaps the most satisfying. Players will be met with five reels and a total of eight rows upon launching this online slot game, four of which are housed in a beautifully coloured rainbow full of gold and silver pots. It is the secret to success to convince those gold and silver pots to slip from the rainbow and land on your reels. Land the symbol “Drops of Gold” somewhere on the fifth reel, and before being wild, any single pot in the rainbow would fall down and land in its corresponding location on the “regular” reels. Big victories are almost ensured! There is still a more conventional free spin feature usable, just in case the “gold drops” feature appears to be too challenging to activate. Depending on how you play, up to 200 options to win are open, and the ultimate jackpot is a good x1000 your stake. RTP cal goes as big as 97.75 percent.

Home to Rainbow Wealth Sweet Home

You’ve probably started to feel very at ease with the familiar leprechaun mascot after playing too many “Rainbow Riches” videos. He really wants to feel the same way about you, because he has asked you to come and play at his house! Behind one of the four wooden gate, you’ll see him staying in a treehouse above the reels. To grow additional wild symbols on your reels, knock on the correct one. To go with your additional wild marks, search the fairy and earn extra wild places! A free spin feature is activated by landing several leprechaun symbols, after which the aforementioned ‘knock knock incentive’ stays active before the round of free spins comes to an end. “The RTP of this slot can be increased up to 97.75 percent by using the “Big Bet” feature, as with “Drops of Gold. The Max jackpot is fixed at x1000 of your share, and at all times there are fifty paylines involved. In our humble view, this is also the best-looking of all the “Rainbow Riches” slots.

So, having all four candidates guarded, who do we think is the strongest thing? Maybe we couldn’t tell. I’m sorry for that. We have given a lot of consideration to the matter, and we’re proud to stick our necks out and say these four are stronger than the majority of the franchise entries, but we can’t pick between them. They’re pitched to numerous kinds of players that play online slots, and they all have their own appeal. Everything we can do is recommend that you give a spin to all four of them and see which one is talking to you!

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