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Things You Shouldn’t Take Into A Casino

For someone who likes the flashing lights, the pull of the slot machine lever and the excitement of winning big when those photos match up, going to a casino can be an enjoyable activity. Of course, because this is gambling, there is a risk involved, and that could mean a loss of money. You should schedule your trip ahead of time and be aware of who should leave home on a casino trip and what you should do.

First off, while casinos love customers, it’s vital that you don’t bring into a casino anybody under the age of 21. At the entrances, each casino has guards who check IDs to make sure everybody is old enough to come in. It is essential that you have an official state-issued ID, either a driver’s licence or a photo ID, unless you can pass for less than 21 years.

Another kind of friend that you should leave home is someone with extreme sensitivities to smoke. Although casinos have parts for non-smoking, they are normally in the same space as the much larger sections for smoking, so the smoke flies. In these places, it’s less serious, but people who spend a few hours in a semi-smoky “non-smoking” segment are likely to leave the casino coughing, nauseating, or both.

As far as supplies go while you may want to commemorate your trip with a picture to the casino, casino owners do not take these documentation attempts kindly, as it can be interpreted as trying to gather and sell business secrets or find ways to cheat the system. It can be confiscated if you bring your camera along, especially if you pull it out and take a picture next to the machines.

It’s best to think twice if you’re planning on surfing the net at the casino, as laptops are usually deemed suspicious to casino officials, who see them as gambling aids. In addition, they’re really clunky to cart all day around.

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