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The Most Popular Online Slots in Italy

Italy obviously has a shine on slot gaming, and it is not shocking as slot machines seem to be the most common games listed in the country’s online casino. Not only some slots, too, but some of the finest iGaming ever made. Today, with names like Novomatic, WMG, CapeCod Gaming, and IGT evoked in our overview of Italy’s most successful slot games, we will take a close look at some of the best developers as well as their games!

1. Book of Ra Deluxe

Book of Ra Deluxe, designed by Novomatic, is one of the strongest slot games you can get your hands on. It has a distinct Indiana Jones vibe and has a gross reward of 12,800,000. At 5.74 percent, the house edge is quite steep, but this is never a challenge, since the game has some delightful bonuses, such as 10 Free Spins and Scatter Symbols Increasing.

With delightful 3D visuals and richer shades, the Deluxe edition was revamped and the tunes enjoyed a good polish. A special Bet Function comes with the game where you can take a risk on your winnings. Your winnings can double with the flip of a coin, but then again, they may vanish.

Overall, Book of Ra Deluxe Online, not least due to its exclusive Egyptian style, is a fantastic game pick.

2. Sphinx Wild

And, speaking of the Egyptian theme, taking up the Sphinx Wild makes complete sense. As one of the online slots that is most played in Italy, this game has a lot to give. Next you can find the quizzical Sphinx whose pleasant demeanour relies on supplying the right answers to the legendary beast.

Thankfully, in the Sphinx Wild online slot, this shouldn’t be too much of a concern. If you want to let the automatic reels do the job for you the game comes with 40 paylines and an auto play feature.

Naturally, the game comes with a dedicated Wild Icon, which will help you complete any remaining combos that might have intrigued you. And the very best part? Up to 30 free spins can be earned, which is a perfect way to improve your gaming!

3. Fowl Play Gold

A smart play on words and a nice shot at online slots is the Fowl Play Gold online slot by WMG. It is therefore not at all shocking that this game is one of Italy’s most common choices. You are staring at those delectable wins for a great jackpot worth 50,000 coins.

The game will allow you to hit slightly bigger rewards reliably than other comparable slots. The betting limits are rather versatile, making it easy to tinker with the scale of the coin however you see fit. There is an automatic gaming feature once again, if you want to speed it up a bit, and you can load up to 500 spins for the WMG app to sort out for you.

Rather appropriately, here the Wild Sign is portrayed by a Fox who uses his wile to attempt to snatch the hens! The only negative here is the average RTP, which is stated to be over 90%, but still below the industry average. Yet the possibility of landing a huge jackpot of 50,000 coins is surely one that will make you consider twice before you pass on to the next title. And if you ask Italian casino fans, one of the strongest slots they’ve had the privilege of attempting is the online slot Fowl Play Gold.

4. Ulisse

Ulisse is an Antiquity and Odyssey influenced slot. To reconstruct the authentic setting of this epic saga, CapeCod has done its utmost. The slot itself, featuring ancient heroes, firearms, and numerous seafaring boats, is wonderfully crafted.

A number of features and symbols are included in the game, including a Scatter Symbol, a Joker Symbol, a Trojan Horse and more. To customize the next wager to something you think your budget might be good with, you will exploit the betting caps.

Another fantastic aspect of the game is that it has been entirely localized in Italian, providing a rather homely feel to fans. The game also includes a bonus round and 15 pay lines that you can employ to your advantage if you see fit.

5. Cleopatra

Cleopatra by IGT is the title that wraps up our list of Italy’s most successful slots. By now you have probably learned that Italian teams, not least because of their role in the growth of these cultures, enjoy antiquity and mythology, overcoming Egypt and often competing with Greece.

And so, IGT’s Cleopatra online slot is a perfect option, not just because of its style, but because of the impeccable gameplay execution, too. Players will pick between between 0.10 and 5.00 per spin to make any bets that suits their budget.

The game provides the opportunity to gain from 15 free spins and a chance to earn 10,000x the value of your bet. In the meantime, IGT has imbued 20 pay lines with the Cleopatra gaming slot and the chance to land a large amount of free games actually 180 free spins.

Why are you wondering? Simple, a Sphinx is involved once more. If luck is on your hand, once you have hit 180 free spins at the top, you can see the 15 free spins being retriggered consistently! This is a very long shot, but it’s certainly a wonderful opportunity to look forward to.

The last slot to discuss here is IGT’s Cleopatra, but it’s certainly way up on our own list of the most successful Italian online slots to enjoy!

Madonna Thomas is the Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Techno Gaming World. Prior to that, She was responsible for leading its digital marketing team and Content Operations.