The Most Fun Slot Machines across the Globe!

The Most Fun Slot Machines across the Globe!

While you certainly want your slots to come with a big bonus, you want them to be fun as well! After a while, playing the same mind numbing games will begin to wear thin, so it’s a good job that you have a whole host of exciting, amusing and downright cool games to choose from. We have assembled a list of some of the best from all over the world, from movies to video games and beyond. Let us know what your favourites are, and whether any of them have won big!

The Most Fun Slot Machines across the Globe!


While the Nolan trilogy was well underway, International Game Technology, a game developer, started working on their own licensed game to extend the series. The game featured exclusive HD graphics, along with fully licensed movie footage and audio, as well as music and characters like Batman himself, the joker’s nemesis and Catwoman’s favorite fan. Great for a fan of comic books who wants to win big!


The biggest band to make up the entire face of rock and seven-inch platforms, the world’s hottest band is reportedly the most licensed band in history, with their name being over three THOUSAND different items. One of those things, from condoms to restaurants, is the KISS slot machine, which can be found in open locations around Las Vegas. The brand and all of its items are thought to be worth over a billion dollars!

Aerosmith Services

American legends Aerosmith revealed their business collaboration with developer Zynga in conjunction with the music theme, bringing their online slot game to the world titled Hit It Rich! The game incorporates a competitive aspect and challenges its players to beat the scores of their mates while sharing them with the band’s other fans.

Leader of the Rings

Peter Jackson’s Middle Earth franchise made a record $2 billion in profit, one of Hollywood history’s most profitable trilogies, along with the three Hobbit films that came later. In 2010, in collaboration with the WMS Gaming company, it also produced its own slot machine. Like the story itself, the game starts as a journey to Mordor, where players can play through 8 bonus rounds to help them win big. As well as following the story line of the movie, the game goes along with the original books’ huge plot events.

Gladiator Gladiator

Ridley Scott is not exactly famous for his small-scale films, and Gladiator was no different, of course. Scott’s Epic Historical Drama was a huge success, laying the way for many other films in the same genre of high budget, historical epics, surpassing an eye watering $450 million worldwide, all while winning itself 5 Oscars at the 73rd Academy Awards. Gladiator slots use an immersive playstyle to win their own classically crafted slot game, which ensures that players get to unlock new features such as free spins and point multipliers and prizes by choosing different tiles!

Do you hear of any cooler games than these? Let us know, and tell us if you’re going to win big!

Madonna Thomas is the Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Techno Gaming World. Prior to that, She was responsible for leading its digital marketing team and Content Operations.