The Field Bet
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The Field Bet

Craps players need to make the best bets. The Field bet is a great bet if you’re looking for an easy and quick bet.

This type of bet can be made very easily, but it doesn’t have the same odds as the Pass line bet, especially if combined with a free Odds. It still offers decent odds compared to other bets on the craps table.

The many winning opportunities it offers can make field bets look very attractive. The drawbacks of field betting should not be ignored. It can be a good choice if used sparingly and carefully. However, players must always consider which option is best for them.

The Field Bet

The Field bet is without doubt one of the most well-known in craps,. This is because it offers good odds and the chance to get actual benefits from the bet.

This type of bet is unique because it allows the player to place the chips on the “field” section of the craps table layout.

If the bet is successful, the dealer will award the chips to the player. Players must collect the chips themselves. The dealer will assume that the player chose to let their bet ride or, in other words: make another bet equal to the original plus any winnings from the previous roll.

The Field bet can be placed at any point during the game. It is a one-roll wager that will either win or lose. To be valid, the bet must be placed within the field area of the table layout while still being as close as possible to the player.

The Field bet is a wager that the shooter will roll a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12. If any of these numbers are out, the bet is won. The only numbers not included in the field are 5, 6, 7, and 8.

The bet might seem attractive to craps players. However, there are only 16 dice combinations that make up the field. Twenty dice combinations are not included in the field.

The number of possible combinations of numbers is an important part of the game, as many players will have guessed.

The Field bet may seem appealing to the untrained eye. However, players need to be careful when placing bets on this section of the craps table layout.

Optional Field Bet Payouts

The odds for the Field bet are between 5 and 4, which is why this type of craps bet is so popular.

The Field bet pays even if the numbers 3, 4, 9, 10, or 11 are rolled after the shooter rolls.

The payouts for a 2 or 12 are to 1.

This isn’t all. Some casinos offer more generous odds and 3 to 1 odds for these numbers if they win the field bet.

The biggest disadvantage to the Field bet is its large house edge. This bet has a casino advantage of 5.56%. However, it could also be as low as 2.78% for the most generous payouts of 3:1.

Most casinos offer tables with the lowest house edge and pay the least to players. The 2:2 configuration is rare and has a 2.8% advantage.

As we have already stated, the 3-1 configuration is the most favorable to the player. It has the lowest house edge and the highest payment. The third option is usually available at casinos temporarily as part of a promotion that focuses primarily on new customers.

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