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The Birth of Gambling 

Since practically the beginning of time, gambling has been around in some way or another. Since the days of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, and much farther back into history before records of these games, human beings have been playing games of chance and pitting their wits and talents against each other.

Where They Started and Casinos

The term casino is of Italian origin, implying a building primarily designed to house leisure and pleasurable activities.

Different nations have their distinct tales of how and why gambling became a common leisure sport, but it exists continuously globally throughout history. The very first recorded instance of a casino was the Ridotto in Venice, which fits the requirements to be named as such, but it was not defined as a casino. In the Palazzo Dandolo in Venice, ‘El Ridotto’ (Italian for private room) was a wing.

In 1638, at the behest of the city’s officials, the wing was turned into a private gambling building. At the moment, after the government attempted to prohibit games of chance being played by people in the streets of the area, many privately run clubs had come into being. The government agreed to open Ridotto, recognizing they were battling a lost war by seeking to keep people from wagering on games of chance. It was the first casino in history to be legitimate. While Ridotto was theoretically accessible to the public, only the richest noblemen could afford to frequent it because of its stringent dress codes and high stakes.

The First Hindrance

In many shapes and types, gambling persisted around the globe. People loved to play their beloved games of chance over the years, from wagering on race horses and greyhounds, to betting on games of cards and dice. However, owing to agitation from social reformists and religious movements in the early 1900s, precedent reveals that different countries enacted legislation to ban gambling. Of course, around these rules, people discovered innovative forms and means, and gambling began to flourish and prosper, but under the radar, and in different covert ways.

But finally, undoubtedly recognizing that gaming was never going to be fully eradicated, legislatures around the globe slowly but steadily relaxed these rules and started to enact changes to them. The gambling industry will, bit by bit, continue to function lawfully.

In the 20th Century, The First Casinos

The State of Nevada in America permitted most types of gaming after the stock market collapse of 1929, adopting this legislation in 1931, to provide the state with a source of income. The very first casino was established in 1930 on Highway 91. This was the Pair-o-Dice Club, and it was a talking-easy as well as an illicit casino (an unofficial club selling drinks during the Prohibition years). As casino gambling was approved by the state in 1931, they defined licensing procedures for which businesses had to apply. Since the Pair-o-Dice Club worked unlawfully, they were not originally awarded a license, priority was given to businesses that had so far operated lawfully.

During the 1930’s, the casino industry started to expand and prosper. In that it was the first state in America to have allowed casinos, Nevada was exceptional and drew tourists from far and large. The Hoover Dam scheme, which launched in 1931, swelled the area’s populace and carried a workforce of unattached men with it which generated a further demand for entertainment. Further changes involved the legalization in the 1990s of riverboat casinos in Louisiana and Illinois and the legalization of gaming in Detroit by the state of Michigan in 1996. Although the casino industry is all over the world, the place most people identify with it is America, and particularly Las Vegas.

The second one in the timeline is online casinos. With the introduction of the internet and casinos like Gaming Club NZ opening their virtual doors in 1994, what was a kind of entertainment exclusive to the place has become something that can be consumed by anybody with an internet link. The online portal means that there is enough for everybody everywhere in the world despite some countries having strict legislation about online gaming, and that no one is restricted by their venue. Online casinos, a casino on your mobile computer, have been further transformed into mobile casinos. As your favorite casino games are available at all hours, regardless of venue or time, these mobile casinos have added more flexibility and fewer constraints to players.

To the thrill and suspense of brick and mortar casinos, from betting on the races. Evolving into web gambling, and eventually a casino that you can take wherever and anywhere with you. Over the years, casinos have grown almost unrecognizably, and it is thrilling to think of where they can take us next!

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