The Any Seven Bet
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The Any Seven Bet

The Any Seven bet is the simplest type of bet one can place at a craps table, but it’s less popular than the others for many reasons.

Because it is a one-roll wager, it is considered higher-risk. The casino has a significant advantage with Any Seven bets, particularly when compared to less risky basic bets like Pass/ Do Not Pass, Come/ Do Not Come.

Any Seven bets have a high house edge due to the fact that seven is the number with the most combinations and permutations. This makes it more likely to be rolled. Some experienced craps players incorporate the Any Sevens in their bet patterns.

For more information about the Any Seven bet, and its odds, please read on.

The Any Seven Bet explained

Any Seven is one of the most popular bet types in craps. The nickname for the wager, “The Big Red”, is used a lot at the table.

Any Seven is a one-roll wager and is not placed by the players but by the stickman. The layout has the area where the chips are stacked. The wager’s name suggests that players bet that the next roll of the dice will bring out the number 7. Any Seven bets can be placed without any come-out rolls. These bets can be placed at any time.

The next roll of the dice will determine whether players win or not. Your Any Seven bet will win regardless of which combination is rolled. Your Any Seven bet loses if you roll any number other than seven.

This is all there is to it. However, any Seven bets can have a huge casino advantage and could cause players to lose a lot of money quickly.

Odds on the Any Seven Bet

Any Seven bets, as was mentioned earlier, have a high house advantage that plays to the disadvantage of players, even when they win.

Let’s now explain why it is so.

The combination chart shows that seven is the most combinations that can be added to the total. Six combinations can be used to make seven in craps, which is played using two dice: 1-6, 6-1 and 2-5. There are 36 combinations possible for numbers 2-12. This means that 6 of 36 combinations are possible for the numbers 2-12. There are six ways to win and 30 ways to lose . The number 7 is the most popular.

It follows that Any Seven bets should be paid at a rate 5 to 1.

The payout for Any Seven bets, however, is listed on the table layout at 5 for 1.

This is a crucial wording point. The use of the preposition for indicates that you will receive $4 in exchange to a $1 wager. Instead of $5 per $1 winning bet, as the “true” odds require. Players are paid 4 to 1, if their Any Seven bets succeed. Even if you win, this will mean you end up losing money over the long-term.

This percentage is equivalent to a $16.67 per $100 spent on Any Seven bets.


Any Seven is the most profitable bet in craps. This conclusion has been reached by experienced players. This bet has the greatest built-in advantage to the casino and should be avoided by novice craps players who have yet to establish a winning betting strategy.

These bets are single-roll and are more suitable for high-rollers who are looking for higher-risk bets with better returns. Any Seven bets have one advantage: wagers lower than the minimum table are allowed. Inexperienced players should stick with the simpler bet types such as the Pass/Don’t Pass or the Come/Don’t Come, which have a lower house edge but still pay money.

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