The Any Craps Bet
The Any Craps Bet

The Any Craps Bet

Another popular craps wager is the Any Craps bet, which often goes by “Three Way”.

It is often referred to as a “bailout bet” and players sometimes use it to cover their losses on the pass line. You can place it at any time and do not need to wait for the roll of the dice to pass.

It is something that some players would prefer to avoid, but has a substantial house edge which can cause them to lose even if they win their Any Craps wagers.

The Any Craps Bet Explained

The wager’s name indicates that players are placing a bet on one of three numbers from craps.

All Craps bets cannot be placed on-line. This means that only the stickman is allowed to place chips on the layout. Security reasons for players prohibit hand-to-hand contact of any table staff member.

Remember to observe the rules of craps when you’re at the table. To place the bet, you should first place your chips in the middle section of the layout. Then ask the stickman for help in placing them in the Any Craps area. To avoid any potential problems with the staff at the table, players are asked to be gentle when tossing their chips.

Similar to the Any Seven wager, the Any Craps bet is a one-roll play. The next roll determines whether a player wins.

You don’t have to roll the dice to place a bet on Any Craps. Although only one roll is required to determine the outcome of Any Craps, it is considered a multi-way bet because players can wager on multiple outcomes. Your Any Craps wager will win as long the shooter rolls one of the three numbers 2, 3, or 12. Players lose their bets if a craps number does not show.

Inexperienced players often confuse the type of bet and the “seven-out”, though they are fundamentally different .

Seven-outs signify the end of a shooter’s round, and the beginning of a new pass line round. First, it is important to use proper terminology at the table. This helps the staff and the other players avoid confusion. If you use the wrong terms on a regular basis, staff might quickly notice that you lack experience and try to lure you into placing higher-house advantage bets.

Odds on the Any Craps Bet

What are the chances you will win with an Any Craps wager?

This question can be answered by looking at the possible combinations that add up the craps numbers totals. Both numbers 2 and 12 only have one combination that adds to their total, which is 1-1 and 6-6. The number 3 has two combinations, 1-2 and 2. There are four possible winning combinations.

This means that there are only 4 ways to win, and 32 combinations that could result in a loss. The payouts for any craps bets should equal 8 to 1, which 32 times is 8.

This type of bet can sometimes prove to be unfair.

In most cases, payouts for winning Any Craps bets are 8 to 1. Pay attention to the phrase 8 for 1, which means you will get $7 for your $1 winning wager – the house keeps the players’ initial wagers. The truth is that Any Craps pays 7:1 rather than 8:1 as many inexperienced players think.

It is possible to withdraw your first Any Craps bet.

Let’s say you place $5 on Any Craps. If you win, your profit will be $35 instead of $40. This is because your $5 initial bet multiplied 7 times. You can keep the $5 remaining in the Any Craps Box for the next roll of the dice. You can ask the stickman to take your chips off the table if you’re not satisfied with the proposal. In this case, the dealer will pay you the full $40, but keep the $5 wager from the table’s layout.

This type of bet has a huge advantage for the house.

The house edge can be calculated by simply calculating what percentage is 4 (the number winning combinations for Any Craps out of 36), which is the total number of combinations. The house edge for Any Craps is 11.11%. This means that players will lose $11.11 for every $100 Any Craps wager.


You can see that Any Craps bets have an important house edge, which works in players’ favor even when they win. Experienced players often use the Any Craps bets to hedge their Flat Pass Line bets.

This could be done by placing a $10 flat Pass Line wager and $1 on any Craps. If a craps number is rolled, the player will lose $10 on the pass line but will win $7 with their Any Craps wager, which is still a consolation prize.

Craps novices should avoid this combination. They are advised to stick to Pass Line and Do Not Come bets, as these have the lowest house edge.

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