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Political Betting – Where to Bet on Politics Online

While most people usually link betting to the world of sport, in the last few years the industry has experienced changes to the evolving notion. With growing presence of social media in the world of news and culture, there are some activities that would never have taken place at the betting window years ago, such as the betting on politics.

Both politics and the gaming industry as hot as they have been, both now mirror each other as a way for people to compete in presidential races and to make money out of their predictions using political betting sites.

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Like sports betting, political betting has many methods and variables that vary with various situations and values.

Best Political Betting Sites

  • MyBookie
  • BetNow
  • Bovada
  • BetUS
  • BetOnline

With the processes and underlying factors of sports wagering gradually becoming familiar, they understand that trusting the betting website is one of the most important moves.

An online sportsbook (especially the sites we recommend) also has a political chances, which shows that the bookmaking process for both sport and politics is controlled by top professionals of the industry.

Election results have become so common that there are also occasions where political betting takes some of the attention in the sporting world, as the appeal is usually much broader than sports.

Both profit very much from one another as online sportsbooks offer politics betting a platform in which the novelty of betting on elections and politicians draws on sports fans who are not sports fans and who would otherwise not be on this website.

Different Types of Political Betting

Odds to Win/Future Bet: As if you wagered on Super Bowl or Heisman Trophy winners this year this form of political bet involves wagering money on a reward specified in the moneyline from the basic assumption of who is going to win.

  • Example: Andrew Yang is +1450 in the presidential election in 2020
  • Example: Elizabeth Warren has +200 odds in the 2020 Presidential election to become Deomcratic candidate

Political recommendation Betting: Like a sports supporter, these are situational bets that are booked based on the possible outcomes of an outcome. A price will be given for both possible outcomes of the listed prop, with the preferred results the more probable.

Example: Will Jair Bolsonaro complete his first presidential term?

  • Yes (-300)
  • No (+200)

Head to Head Bet: This political bet, similar to the most common form of sports bet, involves two competing sides, each with a related odds. One side is booked with the other side returning with the dog money. The better then selects the side that they think will prevail, and if the resulting payoff is successful its odds are based on those described in political betting sites.

Example: US Presidential Election 2020 Winning Party:

  • Democratic Party (-115)
  • Republican Party (-115)

Political Props

Political activism has seen a significant rise in interest over recent years, mostly because it offers people a multi-layered scenario. Much like a soccer game, the chance to gamble on a hypothetical result in real life leads to more chances to both get away with money and find leisure in your political betting. As a consequence, betting props are also considered an all-in-one strategy.

Will Donald Trump be impeached and removed?

  • Before 2020 Elections- Yes (+175)
  • Before 2020 Elections- No (-250)

Will Donald Trump be elected to a 2nd term as POTUS?

  • Yes (-230)
  • No (+160)

Who will be the Republican nominee for the 2020 Presidential Election?

  • Donald Trump (-800)
  • Not Donal Trump (+500)

Proponent betting helps you to concentrate on something on a smaller scale and pay attention to detail.
What would you bet on political events?

When “how and why” is explained, the “what” becomes the subject, when you have to shop for not just a price that interests you, but a game.

Those with a tip on the local-regional scene would be more likely to bet on small elections, whereas the presidential election in 2020 will be held more casually and regularly, especially as the race tightens gradually. Here are a number of examples:

President of the US

Odds are also posted and modified as the stock of candidates rises and falls in the race, the most common betting elections. The handling of candidates inevitably rises prior to the election cycle as the political betting season is more solidified and full swing.

The 2020 presidential election is currently taking place through multiple political sites and will add additional situational guidance and updated odds as the elections approach. Owing to debates, public reception and late race entries, some odds have already changed.

US Election of Congress

Not so common on the continuum of political betting, there’s still a casual handle for these. Politically educated people also have the know-how to handicap these elections, which are less common but still extremely relevant. Given how these depend on the state itself the bets for the congressional election are much more regional than national, given that the presidential election is not appealed.

In the Congressional election of 2020, the electorate will increase in reaction to the nominated House of Representatives, but now importance is more difficult to find and the chances are not as sharp as the popular Presidential election.

Other Examples of Political Betting:

  • British Parliament Election
  • Referendums (Example: Brexit)
  • Australian Parliament Election
  • London Mayoral Election

Is Politics Betting Legal?

Yes, it’s permitted, controlled, and now live in many places. The safe political betting sites we support are trustworthy, tested and legal for U.S. citizens.

Simply put, if sports and entertainment can be bet without effect, the same applies when politics are betting.

Depending on your location, you may not be able to place a bet on sites owned and operated by sportsbooks on land, since the legalization of sports betting is state-owned.

This however, has to do with the sportsbooks themselves, not any potential customers. So even if your jurisdiction does not legalize gambling, that does not mean you can’t bet online from the comfort of your house irrespective of the location. This convenience is a big reason for the popularity of mobile betting apps in just the last couple of years.

If the proper precautions have been taken (make sure that you have registered for a trustworthy site, confirmed money in your account, etc.), you have the green light to bet without any legal concerns, as the most prominent political websites that we use are not located within the United States, making state-by-state control irrelevant.


It is important to note, of course, that we are not lawyers, nor do we claim to provide legal advice. For questions concerning your local laws, we invite you to seek help from a professional in both the legal and the gaming fields.
Political betting versus other betting types

Parallels exist with betting politics and sports, as are connections across the gaming world.

However, as you become more informed and experienced, it becomes much easier to notice key differences. In political betting, less emphasis is placed on past results and more emphasis is on the realistic opportunities of a candidate.

This is because it is difficult to create a winning formula for something which is strongly based on subjective opinion. For example, the election of a president is a selective process, while the soccer or basketball game is not just about population voting, but is determined by athletes competing with each other for the sake of winning.

That is why the concept of betting strategy is of great importance and pride when wagering sports, because the betting methods often lead to a winning formula.

This takes a political back seat. Yet the basic knowledge and application of it in sport and political betting are still very similar.

That is why a patron can understand the simple concepts of odds and what purpose they serve, and he can easily intersect between sport, politics and other fields, provided that the knowledge and the desire to bet exist.

Questions Frequently Asked
Can you really make political money betting?

Yeah, if you’re right time. There are sufficient bets on where a boss can clean the house if she has correctly handicapped the odds. However unlike sport, politics works on a much more time sensitive basis, as only certain points are of relevance in the calendar year.

You must therefore choose your spots wisely and understand the concept of value in order to make money. If the bettor understands these, money can be made consistently, as the basic gambling principles are applied to a different topic at that point.

How do I know if Shady is a political betting site?

You can also say that a sports playground is shady. At the end of the day, political books are the same people booking sports events and their business models and behavior will be very similar, especially when you consider that online sports betting sites most of the best political prices are found.

How can I now place a bet on Donald Trump to be accused?

A game like this is a kind of prop bet found on many of the political websites we tested. To put money on it, make sure you have an account on your choice website and deposit your money.

As long as these boxes are checked, you are free to bet on the above prop and several other president-related specials available now. This advice is specific to the current headlines in the news cycle, so that it is very dependent on the individual who reserves the bet and what they deal with at the moment.

Madonna Thomas is the Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Techno Gaming World. Prior to that, She was responsible for leading its digital marketing team and Content Operations.