Play Roulette with PaySafeCard
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Play Roulette with PaySafeCard

PaySafeCard allows customers to make online money transfers. This business was created to make it easy to shop online and pay. This payment method works the same as paying with cash but you pay electronically. PaySafeCard is available in over 37 countries across South- and North America as well as Australia and Europe.

PaySafeCard is accepted by over 4,000 online shops around the world. They are mostly music download sites, gambling websites, and travel sites.

How it works

A voucher will give you a PIN code. When you go to shop and wish to use your PaySafeCard to make payment, enter the code that you bought. You can make a secure and private money transaction by not disclosing any personal information to the online shop.


PaySafeCard is free to use to transfer money.

It is free to check your card issuing history and verify your PIN. After the initial twelve months, customers will be charged EUR2 per monthly. The money is taken directly from the card.

Registering for an account or purchasing a card

You will need a phone number as well as an email address to register on the PaySafeCard website. Click on My PaySafeCard Login to go to the website. The Registration page will open. Here you will need to enter your name and date of birth. You will also need a username, password and other information.

After you have completed your registration, you will need to confirm and verify it via email or phone. It is important that you provide a valid email address and phone number.

PaySafeCard PIN can be obtained in PIN shops online or at retail outlets. The 16-digit PIN is the actual number. Depending on how much you need, a PIN can cost between EUR10 and EUR100. It is essentially a prepaid card. You can return the voucher and get your money back after the transaction is complete.

The official website allows you to check your balance. Your PIN will be required. There are no fees.

PaySafeCard – Making a Payment

Customers will need to enter their 16-digit PaySafeCard PIN number every time they want to purchase something online. After that, the amount required is taken from the user’s account. You can combine several PINs to purchase something more costly than EUR100. However, the maximum amount of a voucher should not exceed EUR1,000. This means that you can only use a maximum of 10 vouchers at a time.

Multiple times can you use the same voucher

PaySafeCard allows you to withdraw money

To withdraw money using PaySafeCard you can send an email to, providing your PIN number. Tell them that you wish to withdraw your money.

PaySafeCard: The Advantages

  • PaySafeCard makes it easy and fast to get your money.
  • Transfers of money securely
  • Online shopping is possible from anywhere
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