how to use a parachute in gta 5 ps4

Parachute Jump Guide

Our interactive GTA 5 map displays all parachute jumping sites in addition to the guide below.

Once you have completed the “Risk Assessment” mission in GTA V, the operation Parachute Jump will start. You can use any character and perform Parachute Jumps at 13 sites in the region.

Parachute Jump Locations

These are the 13 jump points on the map, and they all have different payouts. As mentioned above, all these locations can also be found in our interactive map, where you can zoom in to the exact spot.

  1. Pacific Tour – $200
  2. Photo Finish – $350
  3. Turbine Terror – $400
  4. The Decline – $400
  5. Bank Bailout – $200
  6. What Goes Up – $200
  7. Falling Mouse – $350
  8. Runaway Train – $200
  9. Aim for the Fairway – $200
  10. Carving the Mountain – $500
  11. Fall of the Alamo – $550
  12. Damned If You Don’t – $550
  13. Razer Rock Dive – $230

Parachute Jump Controls

Second, you should look around with the right stick until you run. If you are set, press the PlayStation or X button to jump.

You can direct your fall with the left stick once you jump. To deploy your parachute, use the X button (PlayStation) or the A button (Xbox).

You have a broader variety of controls available after the parachute deployments. You can still steer by the left stick, but also by keeping L1 or R1 sharply. If you keep these buttons as you reach the terrain, you can also make a more accurate landing. You need to press the Triangle (PlayStation) or Y button (Xbox) to open the parachute.

Finally, the movie camera can be used by pressing the O (PlayStation) or B (Xbox) keys.

If you want to cancel and retry at any point of your leap, please press the Square button (PS3) or the X button (Xbox). If you stop jumping, you won’t gain any money for it.

The controls work on a PC differently. You control your descent just like your WASD character and use the parachute with the right mouse button. You control your descent. By pressing F you leave the parachute, steer right and left with E and Q, trigger L-Shift Precision Control and X Pop Smoke.

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