Online poker In Iran

Online poker In Iran

Online poker in Iran

In Iran, playing poker is illegal. All kinds of gambling, in fact. So you can’t find any of this country’s casinos or poker rooms.

Eager players have been forced into online poker sites by this situation. There are hundreds of Iranian poker sites seeking to take advantage of this situation and present poker rooms for Iranian poker players to play in, as Iran is in the gray zone in major poker sites measures and these sites do not allow players from so-called gray countries [countries where gaming is not completely legalized].

The big challenge facing Iranian online poker players in this situation is to find a trustful place to play in. Through reviewing the content of poker sites and suggesting the best choices to players, some sites like Upzero have tried to solve this question.

Unless this various group of Iranian poker players are recognized by major foreign poker sites such as pokerstars, this condition will last, maybe for decades to come…

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