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Midlife Crisis Progressive Jackpot Slot

Midlife Crisis is a video slot that features a 5-reel and 9-line layout. It has a midlife crisis theme and includes several symbols. Realtime Gaming has released this particular slot.

Midlife Crisis, an RTG slot comes with a progressive Jackpot. This progressive game is a game where the prize is constantly increasing. Some games have a maximum payout limit. Midlife Crisis is different. Obviously, the casino developers and casinos do everything possible to avoid paying out millions of dollars every week. It is possible to win large amounts of money with Midlife Crisis, even though it is not the same. The game includes a theme about midlife crisis.

Midlife Crisis, a strange psychological phenomenon, is most commonly associated with middle-aged men. However it can happen to anyone. This game attempts to create that environment by using several theme-related symbols. It includes symbols such as : beautiful women, motorbikes and yachts, or sports cars.

Scatter Symbols

The game doesn’t have a wild symbol but it does have two scatter symbols. These symbols can appear anywhere on an enabled pay line. They don’t have to be in a specific order. Their sheer number is all that matters. To have any effect they must have a minimum amount of.

The Woman is the first scatter symbol. This can launch a bonus round. We will explain more later. The Man in the wig is another scatter symbol, and it is very appropriate for a game about midlife crises. Although both scatters can trigger a bonus feature, they are very different games.

Pick Your Poison Bonus Feature

When the player spins three or more Woman scatters simultaneously on reel 1, 3, and 5, the Pick Your Poison bonus feature activates. The player will be taken to a second screen and shown several “youth potion” options. This is the obvious goal. Players must carefully choose from the potions. While they may be able to win large prizes, they also have the risk of opening the wrong bottle and ending their round prematurely. The round ends, and the player returns to regular play where bonus winnings are added.

MidLife Man Bonus

This bonus feature can be activated with the Man in a wig symbol. To have three of them simultaneously, the player must have at least one. They cannot appear anywhere else. To try this bonus round, the player must spin three symbols and them simultaneously on reels 2, 3, and 4. 350 coins will be the maximum prize in this round. Although this is a fairly average prize, the progressive jackpot does exist.

Progressive Jackpot

The Sports car is the game’s jackpot symbol. The game’s progressive jackpot is the Sports car. To win it, or the second largest prize, which is $100,000 in sports cars, players must focus on these symbols. First, players must realize that the jackpot is only possible if they play real money games.

This is crucial. You can also enjoy the game in demo mode, but it will not let you win the jackpot. Real money mode will. However, playing a real-money mode is only one condition. The second condition is the denomination.

Players must also place a maximum wager. They would be eligible for full payment of progressive jackpot if they played real money games and placed a maximum wager. They still have a chance of winning the sports car even if they don’t win the progressive jackpot. To be eligible for the big prize, they will need five small sports cars. The small ones must be in the same order.

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