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Infrared Contact Lenses For Marking Cards

In the poker fraud field or the magic poker exhibition, contact lenses with infrared tagged cards are commonly used. For several years, it has become a mature commodity. There are several unique resources to help you uncover their secret, such as the infrared glowing ink that labels contact lenses for playing cards.

What sort of contact lenses do we have for numbered cards?

We also created several styles of transparent ink contact lenses for playing cards to satisfy the needs of numerous individuals. This will be the omnipotent transparent ink contact lens for all consumers, independent of the colour of the skin. Black-eye laser contact lenses, purple eyes, honey eyes, grey eyes, blue eyes, etc.

Your eyes would be affected by the invisible contact lenses

The contact lenses developed by our technicians are ideal for any eye and not dangerous. Utilizing the most sophisticated laser staining method, they are made with the most innovative sandwich technology. Because only the middle one is colored, the term sandwich stands for the 3 layers that make up the invisible contact lenses and therefore protects the eyes from stain content so it does not actually impact them. Wearing it is really easy and should not harm the eyes.

The IR sunglasses for marked cards are of course, a decent option if you don’t want to use contact lenses for marked cards. They’re just ordinary sunglasses in appearance, and you can wear them in any setting. Although with the unique spectrum, you can see very plainly the glowing ink marks on the back of the magic cards until you wear them.

For playing cards, there are several styles of contact lenses and numerous kinds of light ink sunglasses that can be seen via the playing cards for sale. Please check our website for more details.

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