Important Rummy terminologies which every player should know

Important Rummy terminologies which every player should know

Indian Rummy is a simple game with very simple rules that guard it. But there are many words connected with it that you need to recognize to play rummy. It is necessary to know these terminologies before learning the game, so that the game doesn’t sound Greek or Latin. Now, let us understand the same thing really briefly, one by one.


Nothing but a pack of 52 cards plus one written joker is a deck. Each deck will have four suits of 13 cards each.

Suit: Uh,

Each deck has four suits, viz. (spade) x (clover) x (hearts) and x (diamond). Ace, King, Queen and Jack plus face value cards from 2 to 9 will be present in each suit, thus constituting 13 cards.


An Ace is a card illustrated with the alphabet A and is available in all four suit forms. This is one card that can be used with both high value and low value cards to form sequences. For instance,

A K Q J (Cards of High Value) and A 2 3 4 4 4 (low value cards).

Deck closed:

Until the cards are allocated to each of the players, the closed deck is nothing but a set of cards that remain undealt. These cards are put face down, as the name suggests, and so can only be seen when players pick them up during their respective turns.

Important Rummy terminologies which every player should know

Dealership :

After shuffling, the word deal is nothing but the distribution of cards to each of the players at the beginning of the game. One who distributes the cards is a dealer. Before the game begins, the dealer is selected by a toss.


Nothing but dropping a card on each turn is the word discard. A player may either pick up some other card and discard it or pick up a card from the closed deck and discard the same card.


The drop is an online Rummy feature that a player can use to save points when he faces a bad Rummy by only leaving the game midway. At the beginning of the game, he can either choose to do it, which gives him 20 points, and if he does it in the middle, he generally gets 40 points. For that, all he has to do is push the drop button.


If a player is persuaded that, according to the objective of the game, he has produced the cards, he will place the cards in the final slot, surrendering the cards for submission, meaning that the deal has been won. Prior to declaring him the winner, the cards will be checked. This method of finishing a player’s game is called a declaration.

It is important to know the aforementioned Rummy technologies to thoroughly and quickly learn the Indian rummy game. Try your hand on the game once you’re familiar with these words and develop your abilities because it’s a game of skills. Only when his talents are at par with other players and he knows the game from the heart can one win a rummy game.

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