Bola Tangkas

How To Win Most Times In Bola Tangkas

Bola Tangkas is a poker game from Indonesia. It is played on a computer, in a way very similar to a slot machine. The method of the game is very straightforward. To begin the game, you deposit some tokens into the machine and click on ‘bid’. On the screen, a set of cards will appear. In order to build a high value hand, you make decisions about replacing the two cards with the next ones available on the deck. If the card combination matches the one set for the casino’s payout, you win the bet.

Plain tips to stay in this slot game for longer

Your target as a player, naturally, is to win a lot of money. Giving you better reasons to play is to make your kitty bigger. This is how you do it:

  1. Place rational bets: The jackpot will not be reached all the time. And you have to realise that there is also a house gain component. So to start with, position small and practical bets and keep collecting payouts to gain more confidence.
  2. Stop over-excitement: It should not be seen as a premonition for a major booty to pursue to get lower payouts won. So being over excited and playing mindlessly is of no use. You would simply lose more than you win.
  3. Learn from others You will find other people who are more experienced in casinos playing this game. So, tips coming from them are going to be kind of tried and tested. Make it a point to join a group where experienced players connect with each other.
  4. Play in a healthy manner: By not getting sloshed while playing, you can do this. You need to make the right choices and focus on cards, too. It needs you to remain sober while you play. No alcohol in short, please, while playing!

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