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How To Do The Diamond Casino Heist?


The Diamond Casino, known as the safest building in the entire city of Los Santos, will not be easy to crack. With lots of different training missions that give you a variety of choices once you’re on the job, this Heist functions differently than those that have come before.

You’re negotiating with the Cheng crime family to get one out of the Duggans, the new Diamond Casino operators. Your goal is to penetrate the vault of the casino, slipping past the continuously adapting security measures and improvising methods to walk away with millions in cold hard cash when you hit a dead end.

A huge amount of coordination, a calm head, and more than a little patience are needed for The Diamond Casino Heist.

You will always have the chance to go out all-guns-blazing with as much loot as you can bring if something goes wrong or the rando you get paired with doesn’t stick to the plan.

All of this means that you will possibly play several times through the Diamond Casino Heist, taking different paths on each run to achieve success

How To Do The Diamond Casino Heist?-Retro Arcade Property Cost

If you just walked up to the front door and began covering the joint, it would not even be the biggest heist in history. You need to purchase a Retro Arcade property to start planning the Diamond Casino Heist.

All the heist leaders have set up one as a base of operations nearby, a front company, and the retro arcade is where you can draw the blueprint for your most daring caper yet.

You can also hone the skills you’ll need on the inside, including hacking keypads and blasting high-security vault doors, as well as beginning your prep missions. This is also where you pick the car for your getaway, store your supplies, and set up a Master Control Terminal.

The free retro arcade, which is located in Paleto Bay, is called Pixel Pete’s Arcade. If you’re a subscriber to Twitch Prime, then you can demand the new property free of charge from Maze Bank Foreclosures.

Otherwise at Mirror Park, you need to talk to Lester. Go to Maze Bank Foreclosures on EyeFind after the cutscene, and filter through Arcades.

In all there are 6 arcades—4 in the south of the map, and 2 in the north. They are priced:


  1. Pixel Pete’s-Paleto Bay-1,235,000 dollars
  2. Wonderama-Grapeseed-1,565,000 dollars
  3. Videogeddon-La Mesa-1,875,000 dollars
  4. Coin Insert-Rockford Hills-$2,345,000
  5. Warehouse, Davis, 2,135,000 dollars
  6. Eight-Bit-Vinewood-2,530,000 dollars

Both of these rates are for the property’s base requirements. It costs $3,901,000 to purchase the Eight-Bit arcade and completely update it, so an additional $1,371,000.

Head over and go inside once you’ve bought an arcade. A cutscene that opens your base of operations will play.

Using your laptop now to begin setting up your arcade. When you’ve grabbed some games for your business, there’s another scene that starts planning the heist.

From there from the drawing board, you will be able to play Setup Missions.

Upgrade Cost for diamond casino heist

Just because it’s hiding something deeper doesn’t mean that you can’t make any gaming money as well. Here are all the updates and games for your retro arcade that you can purchase. The Master Control Terminal enables you to launch missions from the arcade for all of your companies. The Drone Station allows you to fly drones over the area, as well as to access the Freemode Nano Drone.


The $1,740,000 Master Control Terminal

Drone Station-1,460,000 dollars

Games for Arcade

Monkey’s Paradise… 90,000 dollars

Penetrator-101,500 dollars

Defender of Faith-152,500 dollars

Invade and Convince 2, 245,000 dollars

The Love Professor-261,000 dollars

Shiny Wasabi Kitty Claw-295,000 dollars

Madam Nazar-315,000 dollars

Space Monkey 3: $360,000 Bananas Gone Wrong-

Badlands Revenge 2, 362,500 dollars

Race and Chase: Get Truckin’ 369,500 dollars

Race and Chase: $385,000 Crotch Rockets

Race and Chase: Legal Street-$410,000

Ruin of the Wizard-420,000 dollars

A brand-new music station, iFruit Radio, is also going down with the Diamond Casino heist. iFruit Radio, hosted by Detroid rapper Danny Brown, features 27 songs from grime star Skepta, Travis Scott, J Hus, and Young Thug, among others.

With the Diamond Casin, loads of new vehicles are also falling.

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