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How To Do Casino Heist?

How are you going to launch the GTA Casino Heist?

  • You may be a little weird to go but it won’t be as easy as walking into the Diamond Casino lobby and telling them to hand it over, no. This heist will take a lot of preparation, so where to start?
  • If you’re new to GTA heists, they’re one of GTA’s multiplayer online activities, where you’re going to have to team up with friends or fellow players to take on a big bust. You’re going to have to do multiple missions leading up to the main event, to plan and get the equipment and know-how you’re going to need to complete the heist successfully.
  • The GTA Casino Heist starting point comes a long time before you’ve adapted and explored the building itself. It begins with the basic concept of cracking a secure casino. Now the idea needs to be nurtured before you can take on the next GTA heist. Here’s how to launch the GTA heist.


  • First you’re going to need to buy a retro arcade house. This is where your dastardly scheme takes shape, as well as where you’re going to be able to improve your criminal skills and buy your getaway car – and this task brings a lot of new GTA Casino Heist cars into the mix.
  • If you’re a Twitch Prime subscriber, you’ll get Pixel Pete’s Arcade free of charge from Maze Bank Foreclosures, which can be found in Paleto Bay. If not, talk to Lester in Mirror Park to gain access to the arcade house.

How To Do Casino Heist?- GTA CASINO HEIST Land Values

If the simple GTA Casino Heist arcade property is not where you want to plot your heist, there are a few fancier criminal clubhouses you can purchase, with a total of six arcade properties on the map.

  • Pixel Pete’s: The Bay of Paleto – $1,235,000
    Wonderama: Grapeseed-$1,565,000
    Videogeddon: La mesa-$1,875,000
    Insert Coin: Rockford Hills—$2,345,000
    Warehouse: Davis-$2,135,000
    Eight-bit: Vinewood-$2,530,000


  • You can expect them to give you a pretty penny back, though, particularly if you want to upgrade and store them full of all the new arcade games like Badlands Revenge II and The Wizard’s Ruin.
  • That’s how you launch the GTA Casino Heist, we’ve already been digging into the GTA Casino Heist guns to take on the new robbery in Los Santos Area.
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