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How Much Does The Casino Heist Pay?

What’s the payout for GTA Casino Heist?

As you look at the gaming paradise glinting around the corner of Vinewood Park Drive, Diamond Casino is certainly a big buck-holding facility, isn’t it?

If you’re new to GTA, it’s basically an online multiplayer game where you’re planning and exacting a robbery with your friends or other online players.

This time, the Grand Diamond Casino is your goal, and after the GTA Casino update hit Los Santos earlier this year, we’re pretty sure there’s a lot of money to go around.

It’s not as easy as rocking up with some fresh weapons to rob the house, you’re going to have to prepare and strategize with your mates. Luckily, there’s a lot of new GTA Casino Heist cars that make the perfect getaway vehicle, particularly if it’s all going up.

But, exactly how much money are you going to make?

Ok here’s our GTA Casino Heist payout guide you can expect to successfully penetrate the Diamond Casino.

How Much Does The Casino Heist Pay?-CASINO HEIST PAYOUT GTA

The GTA Casino Heist payout is $2.1m, but Diamonds are back, which ensures that you and your team will gain more in diamonds than the normal cash revision.

You’re going to have to think about the team who worked just as hard as you because that’s going to be divided between two to four players, and you’re going to have to add in all Lester’s hard work of course – as you can see below his $30k cut, as well as other costs along the way. But the true reward is teamwork, doesn’t it? It seems the opportunity is much higher than the incentive itself and the GTA Casino Heist payout is just over $600k.


In the Valentines Day update, you could earn up to 50 percent more in diamonds on top of your cash. Diamonds have been withdrawn from the GTA Casino Heist payout, but now it looks like they’re back, and according to the dataminer, you’re going to have a far better chance of packing some diamonds.

If the GTA Casino Heist payoff is nothing more than a fantasy right now here’s how you can work with our guide on how to launch the GTA Casino Heist and all the GTA Casino Heist guns we’ve found so far. If you want more, you can get a leg up with the advantages of GTA Casino Heist Twitch Prime or by locating the GTA signal jammers.

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