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How Many Times Can You Do The Casino Heist?

Diamond Casino Heist Plans are freemode missions required to advance The Diamond Casino Heist planning process. They can be viewed and started from the Arcades basement.

There are two forms of mission preparation: mandatory and optional. In order to perform the heist, the former must be done, while the latter category of tasks can be performed to greatly minimize the complexity of the heist, but if the heist leader wants to do so they can be skipped. Within the basement are three planning committees.

How Many Times Can You Do The Casino Heist?Board of Configuration

The first board enables the player to view the access points they photographed during the task of Setup: Casino Scoping. On this board, as well as Heist Prep: Vault Contents, the player can also start the previously stated quest. For every heist, the player does not have to scope out the casino, but can do it as many times as they wish. For any heist, however the Vault Contents task must be completed.

Diamond Casino Heist Plans are freemode missions needed to advance the scheduling phase of The Diamond Casino Heist. From the Arcades basement, they can be viewed and started.

Two types of mission training exist: compulsory and optional. The former must be done in order to execute the Casino Heist , while the latter group of tasks can be performed to substantially reduce the difficulty of the heist, but they can be skipped if the heist leader wishes to do so. Three planning commissions are inside the basement.

The player gets the option of selecting one of the three potential methods for the heist after the vault contents are identified: Quiet & Sly, The Big Con, or Offensive. Twice in a row, the same solution can not be selected, so the player must alternate between Casino Heist them. The Casino would have better security if the same approach is selected after just one other approach, but there will be better rewards.


The player will move onto the second planning board after the solution is selected.
Board of Prep

All the primary prep work missions the player can start are described on the second board. The player must first pick the shooter, driver, and hacker they wish to hire for the heist on the top left. The greater their ability, the higher the total money they take, the greater the cut. A better gunman will provide better guns for the player, a better driver will provide better vehicles for them and the better the hacker, the more time the players will have before they are identified inside the vault. Only after a gunman and driver are selected by the player can they access other missions.

If a gunman is selected by the player, the Heist Prep: Unmarked Weapons mission can be launched, in which they need to source weapons to use for the heist. The Casino Heist  Prep: Getaway Vehicles task can be launched when a driver is picked, where the player wants to procure vehicles to use after robbing the Casino. If a hacker is selected, it is possible to start Heist Prep: Hacking Device, in which they need to steal the hacking technology from either the FIB Building in Pillbox Hill or the NOOSE Headquarters server farm.

General Job on Prep

At the bottom of the board, most of these missions are listed. These are the same and most are optional, for any approach. They are:

Vault Keycards-The only necessary mission of general prep work. It is important to obtain two key cards that will be used to access the mantrap leading in and out of the vault.

Guard Patrol Routes– At a Duggan security meeting, the player must photograph the guards’ personnel roster. This will explain the locations of all the security guards during the heist at the Casino.

Duggan Shipments: The player must destroy weapons and equipment intended for the security team of Duggan’s Casino. There are ten targets across the map and the more they are destroyed, the weaker during the heist the protection will be.

Intel Security-The player has to go to the shopping center of Rockford Plaza, where they meet Vincent. Vincent gives the player a USB flash drive with protection data after recovering a stolen Gauntlet Hellfire. During the heist, completing this prep task would make all surveillance cameras and their vision cones clear. Only if the heist leader has already accomplished all Casino Heist Missions as host can this mission be launched. For any heist, the mission also does not need to be completed, but if the player wants to replay it it can.

Power Drills- At a construction site, two power drills must be obtained. This will allow players to drill for extra money ($0 to $10000) into the safety deposit boxes in the vault.

Masks: The heist leader can receive free (heist only) custom masks from Vespucci Movie Masks for use during the heist.

Security Pass – For the heist, the player can receive either level 1 or 2 security passes. Alternately, if the maid is present, penthouse owners can snatch level 1 passes from the cleaning trolley in their penthouse.

Approach Detailed Work on Prep

Silent & Sneaky Silence

Nano Drones-The player must destroy the parts of LSPD drones and then save them so Lester can prepare drones during the heist for use inside the Casino. It is mandatory for this mission.

Vault Lasers-Two lasers, which will be used during the heist to secretly drill through the vault door, must be stolen from either the military or Cliffford Mercenaries. It is mandatory for this mission.

EMP Device: An EMP Device must be stolen using a Cargobob from the University of San Andreas, Los Santos. This task is optional and will allow the heist leader to use it to shut down the electricity of the Casino for some time, disabling security cameras and significantly impeding guard visibility.

Infiltration Suits: If the leader selects the right entry strategy, the player will steal a package of infiltration suits that can provide night vision and the ability to rappel down the elevator shaft. It is optional for this mission.
The Big Con

For this technique, it is important to obtain at least one form of the following disguises, the others being optional if the leader wishes to have several options while selecting an entry tactic.

A broken Stockade must be stolen from a car repair shop so that it can be used for the heist. Gruppe Sechs Gear Part 1

The player must infiltrate a safety meeting and send a picture of a Stockade license plate to Lester, as well as steal Gruppe Sechs outfits for use during the heist. Gruppe Sechs Gear Part 2

Bugstar Gear Part 1: A Bugstars Burrito that also includes the requisite equipment and outfits to be used during the heist must be stolen by the player.

A Trashmaster full of insects must be stolen, so that the team has pests to use for the Bugstars strategy, Bugstar Gear Part 2.

Maintenance Gear Part 1– For use during the heist, two tools and suit bags must be stolen from a maintenance crew for use.

Maintenance Gear Part 2 must be stolen and then taken to the Casino by an LSDWP van. Once there, atop the house, the player must pour chemicals into a faulty ventilation machine. The van needs to be sent to the Arcade after this.

If during the “Setup: Casino Scoping” mission the heist leader triggered the cutscene introducing Yung Ancestor, they have an additional option for an entry approach that can be selected after two missions have been completed for Yung:

Dead Weight-Yung orders the player inside the boot of a Fugitive to dispose of a dead body.

The player must carry out teams of paparazzi and kill their cameras to avoid the release of pictures of Yung Ancestor.

The player must also complete the required task of Heist Prep: Vault Drills, in which two vault drills must be stolen so that during the heist, the heist crew can enter the vault.

Via completing the optional Heist Prep: Firefighter Gear and Heist Prep: NOOSE Gear missions, the heist leader can also choose to acquire two escape disguises for use after stealing the Casino.

If all 54 collectible Playing Cards in Freeroam have been obtained by the player, the player can select the “High Roller” escape disguise when beginning the heist.

Aggressive Behavior

Thermal Charges-During the heist, the player must acquire a thermal charger for use during the other two methods, it will replace the hacking performed in the vault. It is mandatory for this mission.

Vault Explosives- For use, plastic explosives must be stolen. During the other two methods, these will compensate for the drilling performed on the vault door. It is mandatory for this mission.

Reinforced Armor- In order to be better armed during the heist, the player must steal reinforced armor. It is optional for this mission.

Tunnel Boring Machine- If during “Setup: Casino Scoping” the player sent a picture of the sewer tunnel entrance to Lester, they can use it as the entrance to drill to the vault level using the boring machine obtained from this mission (B1). It is optional for this mission.

Board Finale

The final board allows the player to activate the heist, which brings up a waiting screen in the lobby. The heist leader is able to press start once 2-4 players are present, which will put them back on the third planning board.

Here if the right approach is taken, the leader can select the entry and exit points, as well as entry and exit disguises. They will need three different buyers to choose from. Optionally, the “Clean Vehicle” and “Gunman Decoy” options can also be purchased by the leader. The former would put on the map a clean vehicle that the crew can use if their starting vehicles are disabled during the getaway, and to help the cops lose. During the getaway, the latter option would have the gunman act as a decoy, lowering the desired amount over time.

The leader must scatter the cash amongst all players, similar to other heists in the game. At least 15 percent of the final reward must be collected by any team member.


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