How Emotions Matter in Sports Betting – Control it and Earn More?

How Emotions Matter in Sports Betting – Control it and Earn More?

Sports betting is a serious enterprise with capital, hopes and aspirations involved. A logical approach to betting becomes indispensable when stakes are this high. It is only human, however, to fall victim to feelings that can overpower actions and results and lead to the undoing of the bettor. We are born with those thoughts, after all, and it is difficult to prevent them from messing with our betting decisions. Betting also has an intuitive power to stir up feelings, while losing will make way for despair and anxiety, the excitement of a win gives you a sense of elation and invincibility. Your stakes are the collateral damage if either of these feelings outweigh logic.

It is a wonderful challenge to restrict the feelings, but not a difficult one. With knowledge of your emotional outlook and self-discipline, it can be accomplished. Enable us to direct you through proven ways to keep feelings in check and help you achieve your betting goals.

How Emotions Matter in Sports Betting – Control it and Earn More?


To the very spirit of betting, fear is counter-intuitive. With the exception of a casual bettor with a low loss threshold and a large bankroll, each bettor risks multiplying his or her stakes. For many negative emotions, such as confusion, hesitancy, panic and even anxiety, fear of losing may be the front. As these feelings mount up to dissuade your confidence and critical thinking, as they present themselves, you either fail to capitalize on simple openings or go on a betting overdrive putting wagers on just about everything without any forethought. Overcome it until it ruins your plans, inclination and bankrolls, as damaging as fear is to betting gains. By fostering the qualities of tolerance, positivity and perseverance, this is done. It is also advised to maintain a fiscally responsible conduct to prevent the fear from gaining criticality.


Rage is one of the emotions that feeds on loss. Imagine, having tried as hard as possible, you are going through a lengthy losing streak, the downward spiral continues unabatedly. The first emotion that comes to the fore in such a despicable situation is rage. Depending on the personality and other similar factors, the sensation expresses itself in more ways than one. Bitterness, annoyance, resentment or even hostility and spite may be incited. There are repercussions of acting on your anger, leaving you financially drained and distracted. The occasions where punters raise their bets to unparalleled heights in a fit of rage are not unusual. Convince yourself that you are strong enough to tide over the lean process in order to cope with frustration.


Two opposing feelings, but both uncalled for and unruly, are indignation and complacency. If indignation is a consequence of defeats, wins spring from complacency. The feeling of invincibility also overpowers you when you turn on a benefit from the bets that are theoretically gone. Your judgment is compromised as it happens and you are vulnerable to unworthy decisions. As such, to prevent the feeling from creeping in, a sincere effort on your part is needed. Staying concentrated and holding your feet on the ground is an efficient solution. You can bask in your earnings, but you can’t get carried away with them.

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