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GTA San Andreas Cheats for PC

All the cheats for GTA: San Andreas on PC can be found right here.

GTA San Andreas Cheats For PC

Activating cheat codes in the PC version of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is easy and involves just a few simple steps. With countless player, vehicle and world effects to choose from, we have you covered. Keep this guide on hand for all your San Andreas cheat code needs.


: PC.


: 30 seconds.

  1. Save Game


    Before you begin using cheat codes, you should create a save of your “unaltered” game. Using cheat codes will deactivate achievements, so you need to have a restore point for when you intend to play without cheats again.

  2. Pick Your Code


    GTA San Andreas includes a massive list of cheats (thanks to Rockstar!), with more codes than the vast majority of games. Multiple cheats can be used simultaneously, so pick the code or codes you want to use from our list.

  3. Enter The Code


    To activate the cheat you need to type in the associated code during regular gameplay. Don’t pause the game and don’t worry if CJ responds to your keyboard commands – just type in the cheat!

  4. Cheat Activated


    A small notification will appear at the top of your screen if you have followed this guide and successfully entered the cheat code.



GTA San Andreas PC Cheats

Player Cheats

    • Adrenaline: “MUNASEF” or “ANOSEONGLASS”
      Slows down time, increases player resistance, melee damage and aiming accuracy
    • Slow Down Gameplay: “LIYOAAY” or “SLOWITDOWN”
    • Time Passes Faster: “YSOHNUL”
    • Fast Gameplay: “PPGWJHT” or “SPEEDITUP”
    • $250,000, Full Health, and Full Armor: “HESOYAM”
      Also repairs a vehicle if you’re in one
    • Super Jump: “LFGMHAL” or “KANGAROO”
    • Super Punch: “IAVENJQ” or “STINGLIKEABEE”
      Pedestrians also gain Super Punch
      Infinite Health cheat prevents this from working
      Raises your level for all weapons to Hitman
    • Lower Wanted Level: “TURNDOWNTHEHEAT” or “ASNAEB”
      Removes all stars
    • Raise Wanted Level: “TURNUPTHEHEAT” or “OSRBLHH”
      Adds two stars
    • Six-Star Wanted Level: “LJSPQK” or “BRINGITON”
    • Maximum Fat: “BTCDBCB”
    • Maximum Muscle: “JYSDSOD” or “BUFFMEUP”
    • Minimum Fat and Muscle: “KVGYZQK”
    • Maximum Respect: “OGXSDAG” or “WORSHIPME”
    • Maximum Sex Appeal: “HELLOLADIES”
    • Maximum Stamina: “VKYPACF” or “STAMINA”
    • Maximum Vehicle Skill Stats: “NATURALTALENT”
    • Infinite Lung Capacity: “CVWKXAM”
      Allows you to remain underwater without drowning
    • CJ Never Becomes Hungry: “AEDUWNV” or “HUNGRY”
    • Spawn Jetpack: “YECGAA” or “ROCKETMAN”
    • Spawn Parachute: “AIYPWZQP”
    • Infinite Ammo: “WANRLTW” or “FULLCLIP”
      Pedestrians also gain Infinite Ammo

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  • Infinite Health: “BAGUVIX” or “CAINEMVHZC”
    Doesn’t protect CJ from explosions, drowning, falling,” or “gunfire from police helicopters
  • Give Weapons 1: “LXGIWYL”
    Brass Knuckles, baseball bat, 9mm, shotgun, Micro SMG, AK-47, Rifle, rocket launcher, Molotov Cocktail, and Spray Paint
  • Give Weapons 2: “KJKSZPJ” or “PROFESSIONALSKIT”
    Knife, Desert Eagle, Sawn-Off Shotgun, TEC 9, M4 Carbine, sniper rifle, Flamethrower, Fire Extinguisher, and Grenades
  • Give Weapons 3: “UZUMYMW”
    Chainsaw, Silenced 9mm, SPAS 12, MP5, M4 Carbine, Sniper Rifle, Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher, and Satchel Bomb

Vehicle Cheats

  • All Cars Have Nitrous Oxide Systems: “COXEFGU” or “SPEEDFREAK”
  • Completed Taxi Missions: “VKYPQCF”
    All taxis have Nitrous Oxide Systems, and jump when you press the button for the horn
  • Destroy All Cars: “CPKTNWT” or “ALLCARSGOBOOM”
  • Flying Boats: “AFSNMSMW” or “FLYINGFISH”
  • Cars Drive on Water: “GKPNMQ”
  • Cars Float Away When Hit: “BSXSGGC” or “BUBBLECARS”
    Doesn’t work in race/chase missions
  • Invisible Cars: “XICWMD” or “WHEELSONLYPLEASE”
    Doesn’t affect motorcycles
  • Increase Car Speed: “LPNQMAS”
  • Manually Control Weapons in Cars: “OUIQDMW”
  • Perfect Handling: “PGGOMOY” or “STICKLIKEGLUE”
  • Your Car is Invincible: “JCNRUAD”
    Ability to instantly destroy other vehicles
  • Bike Super Jump: “JHJOECW” or “CJPHONEHOME”
    100 feet in the air
  • Spawn Bloodring Banger: “CQZIJMB” or “OLDSPEEDDEMON”
  • Spawn Caddy: “RZHSUEW”
  • Spawn Dozer: “EEGCYXT” or “ITSALLBULL”
  • Spawn Hunter: “OHDUDE”
  • Spawn Hydra: “JUMPJET”
  • Spawn Monster: “AGBDLCID” or “MONSTERMASH”
  • Spawn Quadbike: “AKJJYGLC” or “FOURWHEELFUN”
  • Spawn Hotring Racer 1: “PDNEJOH” or “VROCKPOKEY”
    Hotring A variant
  • Spawn Hotring Racer 2: “VPJTQWV”
    Hotring B variant
  • Spawn Rancher: “JQNTDMH”
  • Spawn Rhino: “AIWPRTON”
  • Spawn Stretch: “KRIJEBR” or “CELEBRITYSTATUS”
  • Spawn Stunt Plane: “URKQSRK” or “FLYINGTOSTUNT”
  • Spawn Tanker: “AMOMHRER”
    With an attached Tanker Trailer
  • Spawn Trashmaster: “UBHYZHQ” or “TRUEGRIME”
    Garbage truck
  • Spawn Vortex: “KGGGDKP”

Pedestrian Cheats

  • Aggressive Drivers: “YLTEICZ”
  • Traffic Lights Stay Green: “ZEIIVG”
  • All Traffic Vehicles are Junk Cars: “BGKGTJH”
  • All Traffic Vehicles are Black: “IOWDLAC”
  • All Traffic Vehicles are Pink: “LLQPFBN”
  • All Traffic Vehicles are Rural: “FVTMNBZ”
  • All Traffic Vehicles are Sports Cars: “GUSNHDE” or “EVERYONEISRICH”
  • Beach Party Theme: “CIKGCGX”
    All cars become beach cars, pedestrians wear bikinis, and CJ wears shorts and flipflops.
  • Carnival Theme: “PRIEBJ” or “CRAZYTOWN”
    Pedestrians are clowns and fast food workers, CJ wears a clown outfit, and all traffic vehicles are Pizza Boy, BF Injection, Hotknife, Tug, Quad, and Hotdog, and all 4-wheeled vehicles have hydraulics.
  • Elvis Theme: “ASBHGRB” or “BLUESUEDESHOES”
    All pedestrians are Elvis
  • Kinky Theme: “BEKKNQV”
    Attracks prostitutes with sex toys and gimp suits
  • Rural theme: “BMTPWHR”
  • Yakuza Theme: “AFPHULTL” or “NINJATOWN”
    Triad members spawn in the streets with katanas, and black vehicles fill the streets.
  • Pedestrians Have Weapons: “FOOOXFT”
  • Pedestrian Riot: “IOJUFZN” or “STATEOFEMERGENCY”
  • Pedestrian Riot 2: “AJLOJYQY”
    Armed with golf clubs; cannot be deactivated and can make the game unwinnable
  • Pedestrians Attack 1: “BAGOWPG”
    Armed with weapons and rocket launchers; cannot be deactivated
  • Pedestrians Attack 2: “BGLUAWML”
    Armed with guns
  • No Pedestrians and Low Traffic: “THGLOJ” or “GHOSTTOWN”

Gang Cheats

  • Fast Gang Member Spawns: “MROEMZH”
  • Gang Wars in Streets: “ONLYHOMIESALLOWED”
  • Only Gangs in Streets: “BIFBUZZ”
    No citizens” or “cops
  • Recruit Anyone 1: “SJMAHPE”
    Armed with 9mm pistols
  • Recruit Anyone 2: “SSOXFSQ” or “ROCKETMAYHEM”
    Armed with rocket launchers

World Effect Cheats

  • Always Midnight: “XJVSNAJ” or “NIGHTPROWLER”
  • Always 21:00 With Orange Sky: “OFVIAC”
    When you deactivate this, the time that passed is added to the current time.
  • Foggy: “CFVFGMJ”
  • Overcast: “ALNSFMZO”
  • Sandstorm: “CWJXUOC”
  • Rainy: “AUIFRVQS”
  • Very Sunny: “ICIKPYH” or “TOODAMNHOT”

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