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GTA Online: New Players’ Shopping List

During more than three years, GTA Online, Rockstar’s popular multi-player game, has developed a huge library of objects, cars, weapons and properties for purchase in-game through a constant stream of free DLC. The sheer amount of items to choose from for new or returning players can be daunting. How do you sort it all, find the best items?

As there is a steady rise in the number of cars, arms, properties and supplements (customisation, improvements, yachts, offices, warehouses, companies, clubhouses) while the prices of products are high in the GTA Online (which is the reason here it is particularly important to ensure that you buy anything you won’t regret later.


Those products that can be sold offer a small percentage of the purchase price, while many – particularly those that are especially costly – cannot be re-sold at all. As a result, unless they want to lose loads of cash, the discerning player can study what should be purchased while keeping their bank balance of GTA Online character in mind.

Often new players spring into GTA Online by buying a Shark Card Package that gives them an instant greater cash base to launch their criminal career. For other occasions, players only came back to the game after a long time, finding out that they had a lot of money on them when they stopped playing.

With the aid of online tools we have compiled a shopping list with some important items, some low priority, still decent items and finally some items to avoid. Some of these are not open, so when they are unlocked we will label and also list the price.

Will you have to have?

These products are critical to GTA Online’s success. You really should pick these up as soon as possible, as without them those missions and situations are made considerably harder. Many of them are published later as you advance or are pretty pricey, but they definitely worth it.

  • Assault Shotgun (Rank 37/$1500) – Perhaps the strongest weapon in the game for the mid-range war. You need to do a lot of PvP like deathmatches, TDMs, LTSs, and various adversary modes. In Freemode, this weapon is also a good friend, while weapons with long range are preferable.
  • Homing Launcher ($75,000) – This weapon is rarely used in a perfect world. Unfortunately, though, we live in a world full of Hydra complainers. Although passive mode is a more powerful weapon against these bastards, the Homing Launcher is the perfect solution if you plan to face them right away.
  • Heavy sniper (Rank 90/$9500) – The weapon is turned into a GTA Online cheese in the hands of a moderately skilled player. In essence, the Heavy Sniper will be your best friend in this game, particularly in Freemode, where aggressive self-defense is so important as water and oxygen for survival.
  • Unique Carbine ($12,832)- GTA Online’s All-Rounder. You can face just a few scenarios if this weapon doesn’t come in handy, and it should be the default weapon of choice for everyone.
  • Armored Kuruma ($525,000) – Like many players, the Karuma is wrongly a two-edged sword. On the one hand, it is helpful to own one if you want to be successful and make most missions much simpler than with any other vehicle. On the other side, it is overused by trolls and similar in Freemode. Of course, you can buy one for use but we advise you to treat it as alcohol – to drink it safely and with moderation.
    Armed and blind, an armed insurgent would be a requirement in case you take on the position of CEO or in case you and your friends want to protect your lobby. The Insurgent is the nearest to a tank without being a tank (and even better than the Rhino), and perfect to defend yourself, families, businesses and to chase down rude players who think that the K:D ratio means something in this game (spurt warning: it doesn’t).
  • Savage Helicopter Assault ($1,950,000) – The savage is like combining the Kuruma with the Insurgent and adding flying capability. The Savage is excellent in missions where permitted and is also a prime instrument for vigilant justice and defence of properties. It also doubles as a soldier transport, and over the pilot, fit three other characters. A must-have for CEOs and partners.
  • Heavy Fighting Outfit – Without this, don’t even worry about Heisting. Either you will be thrown right off by the host, or you will die continuously.
  • Buzzard Assault Chopper ($1,750,000) – This medium unlocks vehicle in rank 43 and is relatively inexpensive due to its vast usefulness. It greatly speeds up the completion of our best money-making process guide.
  • Pegassi Oppressor Mk II ($3,890,000; trading price $2,925,000) – The flying jet motor bike filled with homing missiles is a nightmare that grieves you, but also your best mate. Like the Buzzard, it reduces the time taken to complete the best missions.

Good to Haves

These products are not necessary in GTA Online, or they are best intended for higher-ranking players who have saved some cash to invest. You shouldn’t run over heels to purchase these posts, but you should remember to pick them up sooner rather than later.

  • X80/Whatever the fastest car is currently – yes, that’s pretty expensive for a single car, but if you want to do any races, as the racing scene in GTA Online is very vibrant, you will need this. Most riders will roll with the current fastest car anyway and winners on the disadvantageous trip will be difficult to score.
  • CEO Office/Warehouse(starts at $1,000,000) – Running boats are one of the best ways of securing a steady income stream, as stated in our moneymaking guide. The payouts are great and work is not as sophisticated as running a heist. PacStan also has a larger one-time payout and the creation of a CEO company needs a major investment, but the best source of income would be in the long run.
  • Pisces Yacht ($7,000,000) – I can see feedback about the regretted way players purchased their yachts already. Well I can understand your regret fully if you purchased the most expensive one the Aquarius. In fact despite being cheaper, the Pisces, the mid-range yacht among the 3, is superior to the Aquarius. In addition, owning a yacht unlocks pirating, which is not only a good cash and RP source, but is genuinely enjoyable. That’s why you play, okay?
  • Clubhouse/ Company — As funding and Felony were launched, the lower initial investment needed for companies kept them protected from ire’s CEO offices and warehouses, players stayed out of their disappointment at no instant benefit. But if you know what you’re doing and conduct business correctly, it’s a perfect way to produce passive income when you’re running crates. As for the clubhouse, it also doubles as a 10-cycle shop.
  • Vehicles of all classes – Certain modes and races are locked to certain vehicle classes and force players to use these. If you don’t have a car like this you can rent one or play it. It doesn’t hurt to store your garage for all possibilities of rides. Preparedness pays off.

Not poor stuff

These things are less about improving and more about enjoying GTA online. This will not make you more cash, it will not allow you to influence your opponents. They could help, however to make you feel warm and fluffy inside.

  • Customizing Character products – Though strictly decorative, clothing, tattoos, cosmetics and hairstyles will help you make your personality truly your own. So many DLCs have been released that at this stage GTA Online provides more personalization than the Sims, so you can definitely find the (or more) outfit and style you want.
  • Preferred Personal Vehicle – Do yourself a favour, and do not worry about the statistics when selecting which of several GTA Online cars would be your personal vehicle. Try some cars, feel and choose one which drives, handles and looks your way. Customize, update and enjoy it. You are far less willing to play if you push yourself to drive better statistically than you do not like personally in Freemode roaming.

Avoid At All Costs

Don’t buy these things for the love of God. They’re costly and you can’t sell them back and you’ll be sure to regret them. These things are cash cash cash. Only don’t. Don’t.

  • Luxor Deluxe – The 10 million gold plated jet, but nothing. You can drink champagne, smoke cigars, and on-board access to the internet, but this is it. It’s a waste and a great example of decadence in the real world. At least in this aspect, it’s realistic.
  • Pretty many Pegasus vehicles — besides those above mentioned Pegasus vehicles, nothing is worth the huge sums of cash required to buy them. Some may seem great on paper, but most of them are pretty useless in practise.
  • Aquarius Yacht – The Pisces is a decent choice, as we described above, while the more costly Aquarius is almost a waste. It costs 8 million, provides less customization than fish and seems much less luxurious – and even fish is essentially a waste of money. There is absolutely no point in purchasing any yacht if you don’t have any idea what to do with your extra millions in GTA$.
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