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Global Pandemic Forces the World to Turn to Internet

We have been left without a realistic choice for entertainment with the latest developments surrounding the covid-19 global pandemic and the lockdowns that appeared to be our only tool to combat the spread of the epidemic. Or more accurately, any entertainment that depends on other people’s proximity is no longer a choice.

Poker is the most prominent example of having a thing that you have already completed and moving it online. There are already stronger figures and a larger rise in the worldwide poker phenomenon than during the days of the online poker bubble in the 2000s. When you have time to spare, poker is the best game to enjoy, because it’s just a game that you play against other people. Poker operators such as Black Chip Poker announce that they have at least doubled their traffic.

Compared with pre-pandemic figures, internet gaming has saw an enormous spike in traffic by over 50 percent, as land-based gambling is now completely prohibited. To play their favorite game and to have some fun, everybody switched to online operators. Also smaller websites that belong to a single demographic have seen a rise in visits and signups, such as

Of default, sports betting is running on bare bones right now when virtually no sports are being played. The Belarus Football League is one exception and UFC 249 was held a few days ago. Other than that, sportsbooks provide simulated sports betting. It is fair to assume that the online and land-based sportsbook industry has declined to less than 5% of its pre-pandemic size.

Delivery firms are booming. We have more things shipped to us than ever before, whether it’s out of boredom, out of the need to purchase something to feel good, or just out of a responsible impulse not to step outside and yet have what you want. We choose to go get the item ourselves, check it on, get out, speak to the clerk, then get it shipped. Let’s face it. This has now improved and it is the current norm to have the item shipped.

As policymakers try to print money to avoid the immense economic crisis somewhere, citizens switched to an anonymous item, Bitcoin, again. After the bloodbath in mid-March, the price of Bitcoin has grown, as the halving case and increasing confusion have caused people turn to this digital store of value.

When all of this is done, we should assume that there will be more transport trucks on the road than vehicles transporting people in a society in which the Internet is much more important than it used to be, and much content would not require human interaction. And if the pandemic passes fully, it would be hard to shake the patterns established by this age.

Madonna Thomas is the Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Techno Gaming World. Prior to that, She was responsible for leading its digital marketing team and Content Operations.