Emoji Planet Slot
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Emoji Planet Slot

NetEnt’s Emoji Planet video slot has six reels and five rows, and it utilizes the innovative Cluster Pays feature, which eliminates the need for active pay lines. When symbols form clusters, players can get as many as 30 identical symbols in a single combination.

This summer of 2017 saw the release of the Emoji Planet video slot, which is based on the emojis we all use to communicate with each other. Net Entertainment’s developers have done away with the traditional slot gameplay in favor of the Cluster Pays feature, which is sure to be a hit with the majority of slot players. A winning combination consists of at least five of the same type of emoji appearing in consecutive positions on the six-by-five-reel grid. In addition to the cheerful, upbeat music, there are numerous bonus features that keep players engaged for hours.

Only 20 coins are wagered on each level of the game, regardless of how many bet levels are enabled. Coin values range from 0.01 to 1.00 credit, making the lowest possible bet 0.20 credit and the highest possible bet 200.00 credit.

On the reels, you’ll see a variety of well-known emojis such as a smooching face with tears in its eyes, an angry alien, a pair of blue heart emojis, and more. There must be at least five identical symbols next to each other on the reels in order for a cluster to be formed. The laughing face is the highest-paying symbol, and players who get 30 clusters of laughing faces will win 10,000 coins.

The yellow star icon serves as the game’s Wild symbol, and it can be used to replace any other icon. When used in conjunction with other symbols, the Wild star can help players form larger groups and complete combinations that would otherwise be impossible to complete. Unlike other Emoji apps, Emoji Planet doesn’t have any additional special symbols.

Emoji Planet Slot Pay table
Symbol x5 x10 x20 x30
Blue Hearts 5 40 560 1800
Bomb 5 40 560 1800
Pizza Slice 10 50 600 2000
Kiss 10 50 600 2000
Rocket 10 50 600 2000
Poo 20 100 900 4500
Alien 30 120 1000 5000
Laughing with Tears 40 200 2000 10000

Bonus Games and Features

The bomb meter, the kiss mark meter, the pizza meter, the rocket meter, and the two hearts meter are among the meters found to the right of the reels. In one spin, players must land 12 emojis of each kind to fill up the jars. A single emoji is sent to the recipient when this occurs. If a meter is topped off more than once, the feature is activated more than once.

It is possible to win between 5 and 100 times the bet level for each of the 8 random symbols that explode when the Bomb Feature is triggered. It’s possible to win instant cash and the chance to create even more large clusters when the Pizza Feature is activated, which is when a 3×3 cluster of a random icon (anything but Wilds) appears on reels. Kiss Mark Feature’s third bonus feature activates three Sticky Wild icons on the reels, which remain in place until each completes a winning combination three times.

Stacked Wilds appear on and above the reels when the Rocket Feature is activated, resulting in winning combinations. Lastly, there is the Two Hearts Feature, which multiplies the total win based on the number of times the hearts meter has been filled up plus one. In other words, players can expect to see their total winnings increase by at least twofold as a result.


Emoji Planet by NetEnt isn’t your typical online slot machine. As a result, it has the appearance of being a video game rather than a real-money slot machine. These silly symbols and Cluster Pays combine with a lighthearted approach to create one of the most enjoyable online casino games of 2017. Players can win big even with low bets thanks to the frequent activation of bonus features. High-stakes players can win up to 1,000,000 coins, a record win for a non-progressive slot. The game is even more generous to high-rollers.

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