Emoji Planet Slot
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Emoji Planet Netent

Emoji Planet by NetEnt is a very funny and unusual video slot. It has 6 reels and 5 rows. It also uses the Cluster Pay mechanics, which are not valid for pay lines. Instead, symbols form clusters that allow players to land combinations of up 30 identical symbols.

The Emoji Planet video slots was inspired by small pictures that we use to send messages. It launched in summer 2017 and features great graphics, vivid colors, unique design, and a unique layout. Net Entertainment has introduced Cluster Pay, a new slot game that will appeal to all playersEmojis like hearts, kisses and laughing with tears faces can be found on the 6×5 reels. They also have clusters where players get payouts for hitting at least five symbols of the same type. Players will enjoy hours of entertainment thanks to various bonus features and the cheerful, upbeat music.

You can play the game with one to 10 levels of bet, and 20 coins can be wagered at each level. You can adjust the coin denomination from 0.01 to 1.00 credits. A spin costs 200.00 credits.

There are many popular emoticons that appear on the reels. These include a pair, two blue hearts, a bomb and a slice or pizza. A kiss, a rocket and a poo. To form a cluster of symbols, you must have at least five identical symbols adjacent to the reels. These can be horizontally or vertically. Players who manage to form a cluster of at least 30 laughing faces will be awarded the jackpot of 10,000 coins. This is the highest-paying symbol.

A picture of a yellow star acts as a Wild symbol and can be used to replace all other icons. The Wild star doesn’t create combinations by itself, but it can help players make larger clusters and complete close to-complete combinations. Emoji Planet doesn’t have any other symbols, but there are very few.

Bonus Games and Other Features

Emoji Planet Slot Paytable
Symbol x5 x10 x20 x30
Blue Hearts 5 40 560 1800
Bomb 5 40 560 1800
Pizza Slice 10 50 600 2000
Kiss 10 50 600 2000
Rocket 10 50 600 2000
Poo 20 100 900 4500
Alien 30 120 1000 5000
Laughing with Tears 40 200 2000 10000

To the right of the reels are several symbols that are meters. They are the bomb meter and kiss mark meter as well as the pizza meter and rocket meter. When players land 12 of each type of emoji on the reels, they are fully charged. This activates the appropriate emoji feature once. If a meter is full more than once, the feature activates multiple times.

The Bomb Feature triggers and 8 random symbols explode on the reels. Players are awarded a cash prize of between 5 to 100 times their stake for each destroyed symbol. The Pizza Feature activates and a 3×3 cluster (anything except the Wilds) of random icons appears on the reels. This award gives players an instant payout and the possibility of creating a larger cluster of identical icons. The third bonus feature is the Kiss Mark Feature. When it triggers, three Sticky Wild icons will appear on the reels. They stay in their respective positions until they complete a winning combination of 3 or more.

When the Rocket Feature activates, 10 Stacked Wilds appear on the reels above the reels, creating winning combinations. The Two Hearts Feature is the last bonus. It multiplies your total win by the number times that the hearts meter has been filled plus one. Players will receive a minimum of a 2x multiplier for their total win.


NetEnt’s Emoji planet is not your typical online casino video slot. It’s funny and gives the illusion of an actual video slot, rather than a real-money one. The fun and lighthearted release is one of 2017’s most popular casino games. It features all the silly symbols as well as the Cluster Pay system. Players can win big even with smaller bets because the bonus features are activated frequently. High-rollers have even greater chances of winning – players who play with higher stakes may win as much as 1,000,000 coins. This is a remarkable win for a non-progressive slot.

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