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Dreamtech Gaming Casino Software Provider

Dreamtech Gaming was founded in 2017. It quickly became a household name in Asia, Europe, and Australia. Just by looking at the many styles and games, one could conclude that Asia is the most important. It is clear, however, that Dreamtech Gaming is serious about multiculturalism and has achieved a significant global integration in the first year of their business.

The company trusts its employees completely. This is not surprising, but we did a little digging and discovered that the company has a group of industry professionals who have previously worked for many other gaming companies. The company’s rapid rise to prominence is not surprising. Connection matter, as does experience.

Dreamtech Gaming is also a part of the Yggdrasil masters programme. This platform allows new and upcoming quality companies access to wider audiences to distribute their games. The company clearly has taken the right steps. They need to focus on expanding their slot collection and diversifying their styles and themes.

Dreamtech Gaming History

In 2017, the company was established. The company was founded in 2017. It released dozens of high-quality slots within the first two years. These games were initially targeted at Asian markets, but later expanded to Australian markets. The themes are distinctive and so is the style. The company was selected to participate in the Yggdrasil Masters program, which allows them to create and publish slots with Asian themes.

The company’s official history is not only impressive, but it also has a short one. It has not been in business for very long. Although the company was founded in 2016, it has only been active since then initially on Asian markets. Their quality games are what prompted their expansion to other markets. The way they are presented has some issues that may not be available immediately in all markets.

The company’s main office is located in St. Julians (Malta). It is remarkable to see such a rapid transformation from a Chinese online gaming producer into a global company. This is a clue that we will hear more about the company in future years. This will affect how Dreamtech is perceived in the future.

Dreamtech Gaming and Gambling Regulations

The company used the tag “Oriental Style Childhood Dreams” originally to market their games. However, this tag seems to have been dropped for now. Evidently, such testaments are not accepted in Europe. The phrase refers to children gambling rather than video games. The company is not only criticized for this marketing error, but also receives a clean bill regarding security and licensing.

There is not much information about the official licenses held by the company. The licenses are mostly for casinos, but not for game producers. Dreamtech decided to offer its games through the Yggdrasil Master Program.

Apart from the fact that games are readily available at trusted casinos, the association with Yggdrasil should be an indicator of compliance to all iGaming standard. The Philippines Entertainment and Gaming Corporation license for gaming is held by the company. As their presence in Australia and Malta would indicate, we expect the company will be able to obtain additional licenses.

A wide range of products

This company’s slots play a significant role in history, especially Chinese historylegends are another important connection to history, is a broad topic from which to draw inspiration. These topics are very common in Western slots makers, but there are many stories from the East that will grab your attention. The company produces games for its own use, but also for developers and other orders. These games can be used on smartphones, tablets, or desktops.

Dreamtech Gaming is in business of making slots, that’s pretty much it. There are currently no Roulette, Blackjack scratch cards, bingo or other products that can be added to the catalog. Pushing one slot after the other is a common occurrence. The quality standards are still high. They will take some time before all of their games are available for Western markets. This means that you should keep an eye on their release-schedule. For those looking for new games, at least.

The graphics are the first thing that you will notice when it comes to games. The games have a distinct style, but more importantly the graphics quality is great regardless of the title. It is clear that the company does not have any connection to land-based casinos or cabinet slots. Dreamtech Gaming is clearly mobile-oriented casino gaming company.

There are many gameplay options. The company creates games from scratch, so no two games will be the same. Paylines, for example, come in three formats. There are normal set paylines and games that use cascading symbol or payway-systems. There are many options to satisfy all gamers.

This extends to game features. You will find common features like bonus games, multipliers and wilds as well as instant wins and multipliers. There is a lot of variation here. Bonus games in different slots will not play the same. The bonus games in one slot may not work the same as another.

The company currently offered games in English and Chinese, but not in other languages. This could be a problem in certain European markets as it might reduce the popularity of the games, but most people are familiar with the English language. It is still an area in which the company can improve. Although they may have an international presence and reach, that does not mean they have conquered all markets.

The big question is whether all these attributes can be combined into an exceptional gameplay experience. That is what the company wants. The answer is yes. The company is not yet perfect, and there are still a few kinks to work out. There are also some new innovations to discover. Dreamtech Gaming’s slots offer a higher quality gaming experience than average. This company is well-equipped to be a major player in iGaming, thanks to their passion and rapid advancements since 2016.

What about the Childhood Dreams slogan that the company has dropped? Anyone who has played video games should see the obvious benefits as soon as they open one of these games and play some rounds. The graphics, especially the animations, are very reminiscent of the golden age of video gaming.


There are many questions that will have wildly different answers. The company was almost fresh when this article was written. They are now present in three of the largest markets around the globe and have grown quickly. They have formed new partnerships and some of the most prominent players in the industry are among them. is a promising industry.

While the Asia themes are new for the moment, they won’t last forever. There are already hundreds of slots for European mythology themes. It won’t be long before the same applies to Asian themes. They have tried out some adventure themes as well as fantasy with swords, sorcery, and they are now exploring more. They will likely expand their expertise in mobile and gaming, something that the entire industry is striving for.

Dreamtech slots offer a great combination of themes and features. They also have substantial wins. The return to player figures is excellent, and often higher than those of the competition. We recommend these games highly. To get an idea of the games, you can play them in demo mode. After that, it’s a good idea for you to check out our list of recommended casinos and bonus to have a great time.

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