Don't Pass Craps Bet
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Don’t Pass Line Odds Bet

Craps, as indicated in previous chapters of this guide, may be a difficult game to master, especially for inexperienced players. For a player who is unfamiliar with the craps table layout and game rules, the large number of bets and alternatives can be intimidating.

The Don’t Pass Bet is a wager on whether or not a player will pass

Another frequent bet in the game of craps is the Don’t Pass bet. Players that like to use the Don’t Pass bet are commonly referred to as “wrong” players since they appear to be betting against the shooter, who is termed a “right” player.

This is why it is advised that players who like Don’t Pass bets keep a modest profile. They are, after all, the only ones who win when the others lose, and vice versa.

In reality, the Don’t Pass wager is nearly identical to the Pass Line wager. It’s a self-service bet, just like the Pass Line bet. This means that players can place their chips in the unique Don’t Pass area without the assistance of the dealer.

The purpose of the Don’t Pass bet is for participants to hope that the dice will land on 2, 3, or 12 after the shooter has rolled them. These three numbers are known as “the craps numbers,” as previously stated. In this example, winning is determined by landing the dice on any of them.

The Don’t Pass bet is the polar opposite of the Pass bet, meaning that if the numbers 7 or 11 appear after the dice are rolled, the player loses.

Once the shooter has come out on a point, players can delete or reduce their Don’t Pass bet. These wagers lose if the shooter makes his point, but they earn even money if the shooter throws a “seven-out.”

The odds on the Don’t Pass bets are 1 to 1, making them very fair. The real odds of winning such a wager are 976:946, which is quite near to even money. Furthermore, this is the finest wager a player could make mathematically, especially with the additional don’t pass odds bet, which would reduce the house advantage to nearly nothing.

In addition to their initial bet, players who use the Don’t Pass bet have the option of placing a bet on don’t pass free odds. The odds bet feature has no house edge, which is excellent in terms of mathematics. Players should be aware, however, that the don’t pass free odds bet is not shown anywhere on the craps table, which is why it is commonly referred to as a secret bet.

As previously stated, the casino’s house edge on the Don’t Pass bet is relatively low, making this form of craps wager one of the greatest possibilities for gamblers. The house edge on the Don’t Pass wager is 1.36 percent per wager. The casino advantage is 1.40 percent each resolved bet and only 0.40 percent per roll when calculated.

The Don’t Pass Bet’s Possibilities

  1. When a player chooses the Don’t Pass bet, he or she can get a variety of results.
  2. Because this bet is nearly identical to the Pass Line bet, the person who wants to wager on the Don’t Pass line wins when everyone else loses. Likewise, while the other players at the craps table are winning, the person who has placed a Don’t Pass wager is losing.
  3. To put it another way, when a player uses the Don’t Pass bet, he is betting against the “natural” numbers 7 and 11. This essentially indicates that whenever the numbers 7 and 11 appear, the player loses.
  4. The Don’t Pass bet, on the other hand, wins if the shooter rolls a 2, 3, or 12.
  5. Players who choose the Don’t Pass wager should be aware that some casinos will not allow them to win if the number 12 is called. Such casinos were required to make an exception in order to provide the house a specified percentage on Don’t Pass Bets.

In truth, such a wager is neither profitable nor unprofitable. Instead, if a 12 is rolled, some casinos consider the wager a push (a tie), and they refund the money. If there is an exception, it will be labelled “Bar 12” on the craps table layout, with “bar” signifying “except” in this case.

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