Domino 99: The New Face Of Poker

Domino 99: The New Face Of Poker

It is a domino variant of the card-playing poker game. It is played with a Double Six partial domino set by two or four players. In the game, only double-one dominoes are used, and players only leave 20 tiles to erase all other blank-suited tiles. Compared to the original poker, the game is somewhat different in terms of hand rankings, but the objective remains the same, bluffing.

Domino 99: The New Face Of Poker

Act Play

Prior to – hand, players have to put a set sum of money in the pot. As players agree on the minimum, maximum increased limits do not make it into the pot. The dominoes are shuffled first, then face-down, and then the dealer distributes five tiles to each player. Only the tiles can be seen by the players. Some of the player moves in the live domino game are described below.

First of all, check, this move is only allowed on the initial round that allows the player to stay in the game while not putting anything in the pot at the same time.

Call, when the player has placed the same amount as the rest of the people in the pot, players use this move, and all hands are exposed.

Boost, it means the player puts in the pot a greater amount of wager than all other players and has to put an equivalent or larger amount for every other player to remain in the game.

The 99 Domino

Players must reveal their tile hands once the call is made, and the highest ranked hand player wins and takes the pot.

The highest ranking is the royal hand, which is five doubles, also known as invincible. Next comes the straight sixes, which is, there are consecutive suits on the one side and six on the other suit. Four-of-a-kind is the next highest level, which is four doubles with every other tile. Next, the straight fives are the same as straight sixes with a fifth suit on one end. The next is a complete home, with three doubles followed by two tiles of the same suit. Then there are straight fours, three-of-a-kind or triple, flush, single pair and heaviest, which are the highest downward rankings.

But you can also play poker via online poker and Domino 99 for people who do not live in nearby casinos. It is a common game in Indonesia. There are different websites to play online poker and Domino 99, and without going to a real casino, you can make money.


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