Casinos Accepting Vanilla Prepaid
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Casinos Accepting Vanilla Prepaid

Online casino payments are a plethora of options, especially since the advent of technology. The licensed operators strive to outperform their competitors and create a larger player pool. What better way to do this than with a simple, safe and easy method to handle player withdrawals and deposits?

This topic has attracted extensive research. It covers everything from security to industry standards, local legal requirements, preferences, player preferences, and security.

The current

Many online casino players still use standard payment methods. One popular option is the Vanilla Prepaid Card.

Canadian bank Peoples Trust…

The Vanilla prepaid card was issued by…, a part of the Peoples Group. The product’s unique nature has made this card a popular choice over the years. The Vanilla prepaid card was created as an extension to the global credit card payment processor MasterCard.

They began to accept greater amounts of payment as they advanced

… The Vanilla prepaid card also partneredwith Visa. It is now a trusted payment method for online and land-based payments. This is due to the fact that all of the most reliable companies provide security and guarantee transactions.

The Vanilla prepaid card has a number of unique features.

Geographically speaking…

The Vanilla prepaid card was first released by Peoples Trust, a Canadian bank based in Vancouver. This logically indicated that the card would be available to Canadian customers. The Vanilla prepaid card was a popular choice at both international brick-and mortar and online retailers due to its popularity.


The Vanilla Prepaid Card is available in certain denominations. In other words, it can be purchased as any regular prepaid card with a specified amount of funds. These card holders have several options.

  • $25,
  • $50,
  • $100
  • $200

MasterCards are available for customers who have been issued.

Alternativ, Visa-related Cards can be used any of the available denominations.

  • $50,
  • $75,
  • $100,
  • $150
  • $250.

It is important to note that there are many types of Vanilla cards. The prepaid Vanilla card discussed here is not the only option. There is also the Vanilla card option from MasterCard. This card has a specific $20-$500 denomination range in terms of the amount it can hold in its balance. The Vanilla Gift card option also has the same range.

You can find all the denominations of the Vanilla cards at a variety locations. You can also fund a OneVanilla card within the allowed range at these gas stations, convenience stores and other retailers:

  • Mac’s
  • Walmart
  • 7Eleven
  • Petro-Canada
  • Jean Coutu
  • Shell
  • London Drugs
  • Giant Tiger
  • Corner Store
  • Express Mart
  • Ultramar
  • Best Buy

The Vanilla Gift Card is available at a variety of retailers.

  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy
  • Dollar General
  • 7Eleven
  • Sam’s Club
  • HEB
  • Speedway

You can also obtain the card directly from the official website. You can choose the type of card that you want from the dropdown list. When you go to the gift card website, you’ll be presented with one of three options: Vanilla Visa Gift Card, Vanilla MasterCard Gift Card, or Vanilla Discover Gift Card.

It has a strict expiration date so be sure to keep an eye on it. Even if the expiration date is missed, you can still access your funds via your online account. You can also request a renewal card by contacting the highly responsive customer support and support staff.

This line of thought…

The card’s online access and balance management are another welcomed feature. This is especially important because they allow Vanilla prepaid cardholders the ability to see their balance, transactions, manage funds, and even add a postcode to their card to make specific online purchases.

Holders can feel extra secure in this payment option due to its specific compliance options. This includes the Know Your Customer standards.


The cards become active immediately after you make your purchase. This means that there are no lengthy authorization or activation steps. The payment method, with all variants, is 100% secure and protected by the most recent encryption chip readers and PIN technology , , allowing for greater convenience for its users.

Vanilla Prepaid at Online Casino Sites

As we mentioned earlier…

The online casino community is experiencing great competition, which has led to the development of online banking services. Older solutions have been redesigned and new ones created. Vanilla, a payment system that is supported by Visa and MasterCard, was launched in order to be used as a regular plastic-card solution.

They also recognized the market’s needs at the time, and offered additional options, such as online access, adding a postal code, online payments, and splitting the charge between the pre-paid card and another method.

Vanilla Prepaid: How do I make deposits?

Although Vanilla prepaid may appear to be a complex payment method, a quick overview of how you actually make a deposit with your card will prove it not. Follow the steps as shown here and you should not have any problems funding your online casino adventure with your Vanilla prepaid card balance.

Step 1 : In order to start with online casino banking, it is recommended that interested players get a card with the exact balance they plan to use during their gaming session. To avoid additional problems when making your first deposit to an online casino using this payment method, make sure you check your card balance . You will also need to verify that the card is available at your chosen casino site. However, Vanilla prepaid holders enjoy wide acceptance due to their association with international institutions MasterCard or Visa.

Step 2 After you have completed all checks, you can simply register at the casino site you choose. It should not take more than a minute and you will also have the opportunity to view the welcome bonuses offered by the operator. This way players are kept updated on any pending bonuses that could boost their bankroll and can also decide the best deposit amount for them.

Step 3 Once you are inside the casino lobby, go to the Banking/Cashier section and search for the Vanilla logo in the Deposit Options section. To activate a new window, click on the icon. Players will then be presented with a list of boxes to fill in with their specific information. You will need to fill in the following information: the card number, your name, last name, expiration date, and the amount you wish to transfer from the card to your casino account.

Step 4 – Once players have provided all necessary information, they are only required to confirm the transaction. The funds will be immediately transferred to the online account. Players can then use them at their slot or video Poker titles. If they deposit at least the minimum amount required, they can also claim a variety of bonuses and promotions. Make sure you check the options before making your decision.

Vanilla prepaid cards are also available for use at casinos, land-based retailers and other similar merchants, contrary to popular belief. You can use the card to pay services either directly or as a debit card (with a pin).

There’s more…

It is important to remember that not all merchants will require preauthorization. They may also hold your card balance for longer periods, usually 3 to 7 days. They will then cut off your funds and perform the transfer, allowing you to continue to use the card. Online casino operators are unlikely to do this. This will often happen at gas stations or restaurants that might be late with billing, which could hold up your balance.

Vanilla Prepaid Online Casinos – Withdraw from

The Vanilla Prepaid Card does not accept deposits and acts as any other card. According to their website, the card doesn’t support cash withdrawals from ATMs or points of sale.

This is because players…

If you have used the Vanilla prepaid credit to start your online casino adventure and were lucky enough to win, you will need to use one of the other payment options when withdrawing.

They may be able to benefit from standard credit or debit cards from some of the world’s leading companies, such as American Express, Discover or Paysafecard. You can get a similar card or virtual card from all the major ewallet services Skrill and PayPal, most often in collaboration with the MasterCard establishment. However, they can still choose the ewallet solution to withdraw their funds.

Vanilla Prepaid Online Casinos: The Advantages

These, along with the additional features that Vanilla cards offer as part of their standard payment methods offering, make it a very attractive card. The benefits are even more valuable for online casino players who want to maximize every penny they have saved for their bankroll.

  • Availability – availability is without doubt one of the strongest strengths of this payment method. This is the list of all the ways players can access the prepaid card and become cardholders. It also includes the eligibility of residents in certain territories to receive this benefit.
    First, The Canadian player pool is a major user base, as the service is based in Vancouver. However, is even more beneficial because US residents can get the card at any licensed retailer. This means that the Vanilla card is the most widely accepted payment option.
  • Security – As far as security goes, the card has encryption capabilities. Holders can rest assured that their personal information is completely protected, even though, due to the nature prepaid cards, they don’t share much with the service.
  • Partnerships Both Visa and MasterCard, the world’s leading card payment processors, have partnered with the banking company. These partnerships are as beneficial as all the other features. Although it’s only a partnership in theory, it allows online casino players and all cardholders to use their cards in almost every location where Visa and MasterCard are accepted as payment methods.
  • Convenience Cardholders have the option to access their prepaid card account via an online service. This is a great convenience. Holders have greater flexibility when it comes checking their accounts. They can sign up from the official website to access their account and view their profile. Cardholders can access the funds immediately from their account, which allows them to better manage and reap the benefits.
  • Customization Although accessing your prepaid card online is an easy way to do so, the customization options that are available make it even more convenient for cardholders.
    One of these is the ability attach a ZIP codeto your prepaid card account. This will make it easier to pay specific online retailers that might have additional requirements.
    Apart from that, customizing your account now includes a PIN code. This way Vanilla cardholders can use their prepaid card just like any standard debit card, with the added security of the PIN.
    Even more customization is possible with Vanilla prepaid card holders. They can select an additional payment mode to pay a larger amount than their card balance. To make larger payments online, you will only need to contact customer service of the respective merchant. After that, you can simply indicate the amount that you wish to use from the Vanilla prepaid and the additional payment method and confirm both transactions.
  • Variety – The diversity of the service can be seen through the various cards that are available: Vanilla prepaid, Vanilla gift card, and OneVanilla. Each card has its own benefits.

Vanilla Prepaid Online Casinos: Disadvantages

  • Fee Policy Although the Vanilla cards do not charge a large fee, it has been reported that this can be detrimental for cardholders. Online casino players have been known to experience a negative experience because of the fees. This is especially true if they want to maximize their bankroll and avoid paying fees.
    If you are interested in purchasing the Vanilla prepaid cards, please be aware of the activation Fee which is charged immediately after purchase. There is also the standard 2.5% foreign change fee for transactions in foreign currencies. You should also know that Vanilla gift card users will experience additional money hold, particularly in restaurants and hospitality venues where they charge a tip.
  • Withdrawal Restrictions – However, Vanilla prepaid online casino players will always experience the greatest disadvantage: the inability to make certain payments. It is withdrawals in their case. The online casino cashouts will require players to use a separate banking option. This is because the prepaid card does not allow transactions in the opposite direction. Recurring billing charges are another issue that will need to be addressed by restricted transfer holders. They cannot be covered by Vanilla prepaid.
  • Online Casino Scarcity One of the most important drawbacks to this service is that players who prefer this method of payment will have to search for casinos more often than normal. Although the method isn’t difficult, players will need to take extra time to verify the bonus section, games portfolio and VIP Rewards. It can be difficult to find a casino that fulfills all of these requirements, but still offers the payment method you need in their Cashier. This could stall the gaming process.

Customer Support

Last but not least, the customer support…

It is an equally important aspect of any payment service. It is important to note that the Vanilla card and the Peoples Trust are both synonymous with reliability and trustworthiness. Customer support is a matter where excellence is expected and provided.

More specifically, customer service representatives are available to holders of different prepaid cards. You can choose either a dedicated number or a physical address depending on whether or not you wish to make an inquiry about your Vanilla card or your Visa or MasterCard pre-paid card.

Because it is located in Canada…

The dual language situation has been addressed by the service. Both the website and customer service contact can be reached in English or French. This is also a common practice at Canadian online casinos. They are equally interested in providing the best and most appropriate services to their players.


The information you have read so far makes it clear that the Vanilla Prepaid Card is a great payment option, both on and off the casino floors. The cardholders can enjoy many benefits and, which, despite some shortcomings, make for a very rewarding payment experience.

Online casino players…

… will particularly benefit from the low fees, wide coverage and accessibility of this card as well as the Blackjack and Roulette tables at the reputable Vanilla online casino operators.

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