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Casino Craps News – Understanding the 3% Rule

Craps has to be the most social and fun game you can play in any land-based gambling establishment. Craps tables are the easiest to locate on a casino floor, as one only needs to listen to the shouts of enthusiastic dice players.

Craps is a game that offers excitement and thrills, but it also has the lowest built-in casino advantage. To make a profit, players need to be familiar with the types of wagers, the house edge associated for each wager, as well as how to properly incorporate them into their bet patterns.

It is essential to develop a winning bet pattern in any casino game, but it is especially important for craps. This allows players to reduce their losses while still allowing them to make substantial profits and keep a winning streak.

There are many bet types available. Some are better suited for aggressive players while others are designed to suit the needs of more conservative and safe-oriented players. It all boils down to your individual preferences, temperament, bankroll, and expectations. Some players only visit the table once in a while because of the high entertainment value. These factors must all be considered when determining a player’s betting pattern.

The 3% Rule explained

It is important to remember that not all players have to use the same betting pattern. You can switch between different patterns during craps sessions. This is also possible and advisable. It doesn’t matter what pattern you choose, but it is best to stick to bet types with a smaller house advantage.

players are advised to avoid placing bets that have a house advantage greater than 3%. A substantial house advantage that exceeds 3% is a prerequisite for most craps bets.

The stickman may encourage inexperienced players to place the Proposition bets because they offer higher payouts. Experts consider Propositions to be the worst possible bets. Their house edge is between 11.11% – 16.67%, which causes players to lose $11.11 – $16.67% for each $100 bet.

It is easy to spot such bets that violate the 3% Rule. The 3% Rule states that if the house edge for a bet is closer to 3%, then this bet should not be included in one’s betting pattern.

This means that craps players should stick to Line bets such as Pass, Do Not Pass, and Come/ Avoid because the built-in casino advantage is less than 3%.

Combining your Line bets and Free Odds is a good idea. These will further reduce the house edge , making it drop to almost 0%. Double odds are recommended for both Come and Don’t Come wagers. You can place bets on the numbers 6 and 8, but they are less common due to their higher advantage. Lay bets on the numbers 6 and 8 and Field bets are also possible, but they have a higher house advantage than 5%.

The chart to the left shows the house edge for each type of craps bet, as well as the recommended frequency of use during gaming sessions.

House Edge Type of Bet Frequency of Use
0.00% Pass/Come Bets with Free Odds 100.00%
0.00% Don’t Pass/Don’t Come Bets with Free Odds 100.00%
1.41% Pass Line Bets 100.00%
1.41% Come Bets 100.00%
1.40% Don’t Pass Bets 100.00%
1.40% Don’t Come Bets 100.00%
1.52% Place Bets on 6 or 8 50.00%
2.44% Lay Bets on 4 or 10 25.00%
2.77% Field Bets (2 and 12 pay at 3 to 1) 20.00%
5.26% Field Bets (2 and 12 pay at 2 to 1) Never
4.00% Lay Bets on 6 and 8 Never
3.23% Lay Bets on 5 or 9 Never
6.67% Place Bets on 4 or 10 Never
4.00% Place Bets on 5 or 9 Never
4.76% Buy Bets on 4 or 10 Never
9.09% Big 6 and Big 8 Never

You can also buy numbers 4-10.

In the beginning, place bets on 4, and 10, came with a house advantage of 6.67%. It is possible to lower it to 4.76% by paying a 5% commission to the house, known as a “vig”. If a player places a bet on four or ten wins, the house will pay a 5% commission called vig. However, the casino will still collect the vig, even if the bet is lost.

It is possible to cancel the bet if it loses or wins after several rolls of the dice. In this case, the commission that you paid for the purchase of the bet will be refunded to you.

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