Blackjack Bonanza Slot
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Blackjack Bonanza Slot

Blackjack Bonanza, a classic slot created by Microgaming is very simple. It features three reels with a single payline and has a straightforward gameplay. First, let us warn you that this slot does not have any rules. It simply takes its name from the game of 21, which is why it has the Jack of Spades symbol as the highest paying symbol. Blackjack Bonanza also has a high-ranking card that serves a second important purpose: it is a wild symbol.

Although the game isn’t as common in online casinos that use Microgaming’s state-of-the art platform, it certainly deserves to be tried by those who value simplicity and prefer classic slots to their more action-packed counterparts. The game’s wide betting range makes it a good alternative for budget-conscious players, regardless of how strict they may be. Blackjack Bonanza’s minimum wager is $0.25 for one coin. For three coins, $0.75 would be required. Blackjack Bonanza’s maximum wagers are $15.00, which shows that Blackjack Bonanza can be used by those with lower bankrolls.

Blackjack Bonanza falls under the ” classic slot” category. This means that players who expected to see lots of symbols and animated graphics will be disappointed. This isn’t to say that this slot is lacking in special symbols. The Jack of Spades, however, is wild and can replace any other symbols.

The Jack of Spades helps you land more winning combinations across the reels. It also gives you the best prize in Blackjack Bonanza, which is 4,000 credits for three-coin wagers and three matches. This is what happens when three Jacks of Spades appear on a single payline. It is possible to earn 1,000 credits if you stake the maximum amount of coins and the three Jacks of Spades land in the same position on the reels.

The symbols that Blackjack Bonanza uses are the same icons you would expect from a one-arm bandit. Lucky sevens are extra special with bow ties, and can give you 300 credits for three matches. Bar symbols, which are the most common suspects, offer the lowest payouts. The lowest payouts are 2/4/6 coins per Jack of Spades.

Blackjack Bonanza Slot Paytable
Symbol One on a Payline Two on a Payline Three on a Payline
Any 1 2 4 6
Any 2 5 10 15
Any Bar 2 4 6
Bar 10 20 30
Two Bars 20 40 60
Three Bars 50 100 150
Lucky 7s 100 200 300
3x Jacks Any Position 200 500 1000
3x Jacks in a Line 1000 2500 4000

Bonus Games and Other Features

Blackjack Bonanza’s bonus games are not worth mentioning as there is no such thing. This Microgaming classic slot offers some traditional, but useful functions, even though it is lacking in bonus games. Users can switch between Expert and Regular mode at any time by using the Autoplay feature. This feature is extremely useful for players who get tired of clicking the Spin button after every spin of the reels.

You will notice additional controls in the base-game menu when you switch to Expert mode. You will see two buttons that allow you to activate automatic spins at 10x and 5x respectively. However, if you want to continue playing without interruptions, click on the large Autoplay button. You can adjust the number of Autoplay spins you want. The maximum allowed amount is 500. You can use the Stop Settings to set a limit. Autoplay can be stopped whenever your profits exceed your set amount.

You can also change the coin denomination by clicking on the “+”, and “-” buttons repeatedly. Bet Max is the best option if you want to play maximum. This will allow you to stake three coins while the reels spin simultaneously. Clicking the Bet One button one to more times will adjust the number of coins.


Blackjack Bonanza may be a simple, one-arm bandit game, but it is still worth a try. This is an essential reel game for those who love the thrill of keeping their fingers crossed that three matching symbols will appear on a single payline.

The interface of this slot is very simple and undemanding. You can be sure that navigation through the game will be a 5-finger task. Blackjack Bonanza follows this logic. You will have no trouble finding your way around the simple game.

The betting limits are reasonable and affordable enough to allow spinners of all income levels to play. Some may find the visuals outdated and give off a retro, classic feel. This is exactly where the charm of the old-school slot comes from. It can transport you back to the days when one-arm bandits ruled casino floors around the globe.

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