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You may also realise that our body and expression talk volumes regarding our present thoughts and our state of mind. To help decode what is going on in the mind of the individual, it is the job of the synergologist to interpret body language. Of course, while you’re a poker fan, you find it will be really helpful to have synergistic powers. If the opposing player has a strong or a poor hand, one may assume more. It’s now possible with the right tournament poker tips.

Whether bluff or not?

Imagine being willing to tell whether bluffing is the opposition player or whether he actually has a strong card. Being trained to learn body language can allow you to better interpret your opponents’ responses and to better recognize when they bluff.

Of course, we must not assume that in the mind of the athlete, particularly at the level of professional players who learn to stay stagnant or on the contrary, to launch false clues, there is an impossible strategy to interpret.

Some movements, however may reveal those conditions and in particular, tension or rage. When we bluff, for instance, we can appear to unexpectedly get itchy and scratchy. Similarly, you necessarily sense any excitement that must be suppressed when you have a really good side.

Manage the words for the body

You have to be lucky and bold in poker, but you still know how to handle a minimum of the vocabulary in the body. The usage of sunglasses has been done by many poker players for a very long time. We realise that a lot of what we experience teaches us about our appearances. While it may function, behind smoking glasses it is better to conceal.

Sunglasses are not necessary, though. It’s all his motions that the best poker player wants to know how to control. In specific, the unconscious actions we must strive to tackle better are whether to prevent alerting other players or actually mislead them.

Poker is a brain sport that needs several talents and other “abilities” to be competitive. In the same way, becoming a successful boss needs pressure to be agile and hermetic. In this way, these two distant worlds, a priori, have several points in common.

HRD and Poker

Managing a company needs multiple values, from a sense of organization to a keen sense of compassion to a strong goal, to the management of its competitiveness.

Most administrators may not, or just partly, have these qualifications. However, little is missed since, as the Anglo-Saxons would stress, the principle of a technical practice is to increase the learning curve forever.

Poker teams, confronted with a hand and players with sharp fangs, are like bosses who need to control their human resources (cards) in the face of a crisis (the river). Organization, coordination, risk taking and stress control are equivalent in this way to those of the organization boss.

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