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Best Sports Betting Sites 2022

Best Sports Betting Sites 2022

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Not only do you blindly record the first sportsbook that you saw on Google, you already prove that you have what it takes to become a great sports better. In an industry where success and failure run at tight margins, you know that you can go a long way any little way. This does not end with what sportsbooks or sportsbooks you want to use (smart line shoppers).

Do not let us slow you down, if you have a hot tip or the century’s lock, and you are ready to take action. Below is our list of the best sports betting sites for your preferred sports. These sites are the most trusted and deliver the best overall business experience.

Top Sports Betting Sites

  • MyBookie – Huge variety of sports bets with competitive lines.
  • BetNow – A newer sports betting site with fast payouts.
  • Bovada – A solid online sportsbook that’s been around forever.
  • BetUS – Safe betting website with a long and trusted history.
  • BetOnline – One of the early sports betting sites with great bonuses.

However, if you have a minute, grab a chair and sit for a bit. In the following pages, we have put together a lot more options and a lot more details for you. We have suggestions for sportsbooks based on the sport you want to bet, where in the world you are or what kind of site you want.

In addition, we shall take a look at the difference between online betting and betting (and where you can earn more money) at a brick-and-mortar location; why our reviews and guidelines vary from the rest of the Internet, and which standards we use to define the places we recommend.

Spoiler, for better ratings, suggestions or for placing in any of our lists, we do not encourage anyone to pay. Our list of suggestions (including the above) is solely based on merit. We’re not here to run advertisements for people paying for us; we’re here to give you the best advice to get your wager.

Sports Betting Sites | Sports Betting Sites

If you are searching for the best betting action based on a particular sport, this is the part of the guide that you want to use. Below are our lists of the best online sportsbooks recommended, broken down by which sport they give the highest standard. Wait for any crossover, as some books crush in many sports.

For multiple sports, it is recommended that you either select a book from the top of the page (all-inclusive leaders) or select books from any list below. All comes down to how seriously you take or intend to take your sports bet. Take an all-inclusive if you are here only for some kicks and giggles. But if you take it seriously, check each sport list that you want to bet on. If there is a site covering them all, beautiful! If not, you would want to enter several books so that you can get the best shopping and action for the sports that you are involved in.

The Three Major Sports

Known as the Big Three sports betting industry, professional baseball, basketball and football are one of the world’s largest betting sports. If you live in America or abroad, you have probably put or are looking to make at least one bet on one of the sports. If you bet on a sport that has so much to do, you need to be someplace that knows what you are looking for and offers a top-of-the-line product.

The links below take you to our suggested sites for each of the three major sports. We take into account all the requirements listed at the end of this page and some additional elements for each sport. If you are prepared to join the three largest betting markets worldwide, click the links below and choose a position that works for you.

    • NFL Football
    • MLB Baseball
    • NBA Basketball

Additional Sports/Leagues/Events

We don’t want it to sound like these sports are less important by putting them in the additional group of sports. This is typically a category reserved for runs and run-offs, but not here. You can destroy all of these “additional sports” as much as you can with one of the big three. It’s all about seeking meaning and choosing winners. But it all starts with the right online sportsbook that provides the action you need.

If you’re ready to start, click on the sport or sport below to view our recommended picks for the top online betting sites related to that sport. It is curious how some places play favourites for some sports. While we are not sure why any of them do this, we just accept it and take it for a win when they more successfully cover our favorite sport.

  • Football
  • Horse Racing
  • NHL
  • NCAA Football
  • NCAA Basketball
  • UFC
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Formula 1
  • Tennis
  • Boxing
  • Entertainment
  • AAF
  • XFL
  • Super Bowl
  • March Madness
  • Table Tennis
  • WWE
  • Snooker
  • Cycling
  • Handball
  • Volleyball
  • Rugby
  • Dog Racing

Best Betting Sports Sites | Where to Live

Often it’s much more critical that you find an online sportsbook that discusses where you live than that that you find one that provides a little more action for one or several sports. If this is the case, we get it entirely. This happens a lot, especially if you live or live in a market in which things are a little heavier regulated than in other parts of your country or the world.

Find your area of the world below and check out our top ranking online sportsbooks for your area. Bear in mind that we periodically update these pages, as things can change. These adjustments will open the doors to new locations or new locations move to a new market. Whatever the case, we make it our duty to ensure that you know the best betting options for sports in your city.

Places for US Sports Betting

‘Merica. ‘Merica. If you call home or at least live there, there are plenty of great sportsbook choices available to choose from. Since laws are tighter in some areas of the world, however you need to pick a little more of which choices to position your bets. That is why we highly recommend that you review our list of the best sports websites in the USA below.

This is the list we are most up to date on this blog, so please bookmark it if you want to jump between books frequently. As policy evolves, more and more businesses come into the market, ensuring that you have a lot more variety.

Places for US Betting
Pages for Overseas Sports Betting

We have definitely not forgotten you for those of you in the rest of the country. We know that some regions such as Asia, Europe, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia have some of the world’s largest gambling markets. And we know that you have needs and preferences that are usually different from bettors in the U.S.

You have many different sports, different laws and legislation, different kinds of bets you like and many different ways to see these bets you like. Our foreign personnel have collected the best online sportsbooks in your country or area to support you. Click on your country, continent or region below and take action at the right spot.

    • United Kingdom
    • Canada
    • Australia
    • Europe
    • Asia

Best Sports Betting Sites | By Category

If you know what’s important to you, finding what you are searching for can be easy. This is true when it comes to finding the right match for you on the sports betting platform. You may be looking for live betting? Or maybe you’re a big hitter looking for competition in high stakes? Perhaps you like new websites and you want to see the newest and largest in the industry?

Whatever you’re searching for, we have protected you. Below you can find our top recommendations for online sportsbooks separated by form and category. Choose the category with the most relevant requirements for you and our experts will show you the best choices to suit you.

One thing we want to point out is that it doesn’t have the same criteria as sites on other lists because a website isn’t included in one of these lists. For instance, just because a site is on the live bet list but does not appear on the fast payout list, it does not mean slow payouts. Some sites offer insanely quick payouts and some have a stronger live betting platform.

If you are prepared to find the best sportsbook online based on your particular category, please click on the link below.

    • Safest Sites
    • Real Money Sites
    • Political Betting Sites
    • Financial Betting Sites
    • Virtual Sports Betting
    • Mobile Devices
    • Live Betting
    • High Stakes
    • Fast Payouts
    • Best Bonuses

The Criteria That Makes These Sites the Best

This sportsbook is the best, because it has the nicest photos and the coolest name! Right, you’re not going to hear that from us. You see, our experts know just what they need to find out can sportsbooks are the best. How do they know? How do they know? Well they are a mix of professionals and professionals in business. They know what bettors want, need and need. They know what bettors want.

They also know when websites try to pull a short” or do something wrong or fair to their customers. We cannot be fooled by stunning graphics, amazing animations or offensive ads. While this thing works for many unknown customers, it won’t work for us and we won’t let it work for you.

The list below outlines what we consider to be the most relevant requirements for an online sportbook. Although this is not the full list of parameters we accept, it is what we find most relevant. If we gave you the full list, you would have to grab more than a chair, possibly you would need a bed because we would be here all day and night.

We feel it is important to share this information with you because we want you to know why our lists have been created by the betting sites we suggested. Without further discussion, let us talk about the various parameters that we find most relevant.

How to Choose a Sportsbook

The Amount of Betting Flexibility

If you are a serious sports better, you know that you can and should) bet far more in a game than just who is the winner. We expect much more action and betting opportunities when we bet online than we bet at a brick and mortar place. We aren’t just about an online sportsbook that delivers what we expect.

We want to see a lot of different sports, a lot of different leagues and associations and several different types of bets for each sport. Moreover, we are searching for coverage of games in pre-saison and regular-saison versus post-saison/championship games. If they offer great action only in common games or post-season games, it isn’t so impressive. This is one category in which we know from our business experience that we can be picky.

A smooth user interface

Who doesn’t love to use a website that makes you want to get your machine into the future? All right, we believe we made our case. It’s really important to us that an online betting site offers us a well-functioning user interface. We want to find lines, choose bets, make these bets, and see if we have won or lost without losing sight. Is it too much to ask for?

Apparently, it is much too much to ask, according to what we saw on several pages. The problem probably stems from locations that build up their platform without accommodating the end user or planning for expansion. Increasing sports are becoming popular and sites must be added to the mix to remain competitive.

If your site is not configured to accommodate this expansion, you usually try too hard to cram in an area that is not suited to handling it. This makes it impossible to navigate a messy platform and well, you will have to chase your machine or phone through oncoming traffic to reach it.
Superior solutions for online banking

It’s not in the early 2000s and online sports betting isn’t in its infancy anymore. This is a news release for many online sports betting sites that still haven’t revised their deposit and withdrawal options and procedures to keep up with the new times. These are items that used to be a concern, but they ought no longer to be a problem.

You must be able to load your money online and get your winnings early. You shouldn’t have to wonder whether you should start betting or if you are going to be paid. We also developed a separate Online Sportsbook Banking Guide for you linked below to help you understand several banking choices available and how they should operate.

Options for banking

Careful and open customer support systems

We hope you never need customer service and that all will go smoothly and according to your timetable. We don’t live in a perfect world, sadly, and sometimes we need a bit of support in achieving what we want. This means that we are doing a great deal to evaluate customer service choices for an online sportsbook and the nature of those options.

What methods of communication do they have? Will they have choices 24/7? Will you talk to a living person? Speaks this guy the same language as you? Has this person the opportunity to support you or is it obvious that they have paid for the cheapest customer service? How long would it take to support someone?

These are some of the questions that we like to pose when we evaluate the quality or lack of customer support of an online sportsbook team. While we hope you never need to use it, we want to know that if you have to, it’s there for you.

Service to Customers

Protection page

There are several risks to the internet. Hackers spend their days scouring the Web to try and find spots to hack people and obtain their money and personal information. Places, where a great deal of money is available on the internet, appear to attract these styles for obvious reasons. Sadly, web sites are in this group because of the billions of dollars that are bet on internet sportsbooks every year.

We spend a lot of time looking at their protection when we review an online sportsbook. Whilst we might not speak much about this in our reviews, we know it weighs a lot.


Usually, we won’t even add your review to our website, or we will position it on our blacklist, so you know to avoid it.
A Confident Business

For every online betting site that you review or recommend, the most important thing we look for is trust. Trust covers all of the considerations above (which is why we put it last conveniently). We must be able to depend on the experience we promise from an online sportsbook. That definitely includes the bets we want a nice interface, convenient banking options, high-quality customer support and overall security on the website. If you guarantee that you can deliver these things to us we need to know that we can trust you.

We will need to be able to trust them with the security and safety of our money and personal information. This requires police and third-party suppliers and guarantees sufficient protection from external threats. Your online sportsbook partnership should be of mutual confidence.

Sports Betting Online vs. Brick-and-Mortar Betting

Perhaps you are used to a brick and mortar sportsbook or casino betting? Or are you used to gamble in the backroom of a bar with a shady bookie? If you considered betting online for the first time, we wanted to ensure you cover some of the discrepancies and advantages from the move.

The world of online sports betting used to be like the wild west. Today, though the industry is tightly regulated and provides a much better experience. Let’s speak about certain discrepancies and advantages.

Online versus individual


It’s difficult to argue that wagering online sports is not any more convenient than wagering at a brick and mortar venue. You must go into the car when you bet brick and morter, drive to a sportsbook, wait in line, place your bet, return to your house, wait for the game to end, drive back to sportsbooks, wait in line again, cash your ticket and drive back to your home. If you have another substantial child or pet, you will have to arrange for them.

However, it’s a whole different storey when you bet online. You never have to leave your home, office, bar or anywhere else. You can deposit money, place bets, and request your winnings without ever coming out of your couch or chair. If you want to do it all, it’s all right, too. Do not have to get your babysitter, puppy sitter or ask the other person to let you go again to the sportsbook or casino.

The point is you have far fewer steps to make your bets, win and earn your winnings. It can take you two minutes to make 10 bets online, and one bet at the brick and mortar location can take you hours. This does not even mention the stress of coping with traffic, queues and nagging relatives.

Costs and benefit security

Although we do not want to get into the added stress of betting at a brick-and-mortar spot, we want to address the additional costs that are incurred in your earnings.

Let’s look at an example.

You are a casual wizard who decides to wager $20 a weekend in a baseball game. For our sake, we’re going to give the other side the benefit of the doubt and presume that you do not have children or pets who need to sit down. You should go to the sportsbook if you want. We’ll also benefit from the doubt and claim you have your own car with a high gas mileage of 30 mpg, and just 15 miles away from the casino.

You’re going to hit the sportsbook and park your car. We will take advantage of the uncertainty that parking is free. You put your bets to win at -110 on the Houston Astros. You go home and you’re ready to watch the game. Astros play well and win between 4 and 1! Boom! Boom! You plan to take a fast trip to the sportsbook, park, go in and hop in line in your car. You get to the window and you’re charged your $18.18 profit. You are happy about your lucrative victory at home.

But how excited are you supposed to be?

Ok, let’s see how much money you made. It took you 15 miles to drive to the sportsbook, and then 15 miles home. Then there were fifteen other drivers and fifteen back to your ticket. You have now driven 60 miles to position your bet. Let’s say that gas is around $3 a gallon cheap. Two gallons of gas were required to position this bet. This means your $18 benefit is far more than $12.

Due to the simple expense, you lost 1/3 of your earnings. It also does not take into account the car’s wear and tear. What if you’re not 15 miles from a sportsbook, too? What if you have to continue driving? How about paying for parking? What if you have to pay tolls on the way? What if you have a babysitter or a pet-sitter to pay for?

If your parking fee is five dollars, you must pay ten dollars in parking fees, and your $18 win is now two dollars. If you think you can just beat the book by making a $2 bet, you have to pinch someone to wake you up.

The reason we tell this little storey is that many people forget to make a profit/loss assessment on these things. You just look at your winning tickets and forget everything else.

You don’t have to drive anywhere when you bet online, don’t have to pay for kids, and we are very sure that you can park in your driveway or apartment car park free of charge. Yeah, you have to pay for the internet or telephone service, but you can pay for it anyway, so it’s not fair to count this to your income.

Health and protection

While there are many threats online, there are more threats you have to be vigilant about when you wager in a brick and murderous role. If you like, take a minute and browse Google and type in “robbed casino boss” and see how many news reports pop up. How much this kind of thing happens will possibly frighten you.

Thieves prefer to cluster around places where they know that poor people hold a lot of money. Do you drink, sweat, light distract and wear a lot of cash?? Sounds to us like a casino or sportsbook. It also sounds like a thieving dream. If you have to walk around the sportsbook with your bankroll or collect your winnings, you will be your target.

In addition:
You run the risk of misplacing or losing your bankroll or winnings accidentally. You know what we’re talking about if you’ve never lost your wallet or purse before. Imagine that you had all your sports bankroll betting there. We know that talking to people who have really experienced this nightmare isn’t something they really want.

There are risks when you bet online, but most of them can be shielded from. If you keep your passwords secure and solid, up-to-date antivirus, bet on trustworthy sportsbooks, and uninstall something sketchy from your machine, you should be able to defend yourself from most threats.

Shopping Line

Line shopping is the secret to a sports betting winner. You will not be able to shop lines in brick-and-mortar locations unless you feel like driving from the sportsbook to the sportsbook, so that you can see what lines you can get. And if you have more than one book in near proximity, there is no guarantee they will have better lines or you will get there in time if they are in a better location. It’s a logistical nightmare essentially.

You will save from book to book in just a few seconds with sports betting sites and find the best possible routes for all your bets. Every day you will easily earn half points, full points or better payout odds for a big chunk of your bets.

Sports betting is hard enough to beat yourself; do not harder by paying extra cash or having a better line on the very same wager. [Back to the top of the list]

Why are our assessments, rankings and recommendations different?

You’ve already found that a lot of people are writing reviews when you’ve ever looked for sportsbook reviews or something the like. Are all reviews equally created? Can you depend on all web reviews? The response to these two questions is no. Sportsbook review sites too often have additional agendas or really are not successful at what they do.

For a lot of reasons, we like to think that we are different here. However, we don’t want you to just take our word for it. Instead, we would like you to read some of the key reasons why our ratings, rankings and suggestions vary from those on other web pages on the net. These are not all the explanations, but they are the key ones we think you need to know.

We can’t be bought

This sounds like a quotation from a court drama, but the way we run our organisation is suitable. We can’t be purchased. What does this mean? What does it mean? This means that we never sell places on our list of recommendations. We don’t let anybody pay us or bribe us for higher ratings or rankings.

It would be immoral to do so. How much would you trust a review for which you know has been paid? Do you know what a “review” is actually named for? An announcement. If we named ourselves an online advertisement platform for sportsbooks, then maybe we’d be okay. Just when we aren’t, we aren’t all right about it.

You can be assured that every review here is as truthful and reliable as possible as it is not possible to buy us.

We Utilize Experts and Professionals

We noted that several other websites on the Internet are not very successful in their analysis. Are we all meaning they’re poor writers? Yeah for sure, that’s the case, but what we mean by places that don’t really know what they’re looking for, or what they do. They suffer the tricks of frustrating sites and excel in fancy graphics and other smoke displays.

Here we use industry experts and professional sports fans to promote our evaluations. The professional sports bettors know what is needed and what is a waste of time. You know what bettors are wanting because they’re bettors. They saw and really used a number of different places.

The industry experts are helping to explore the context of the platform, the service terminology and their processes. You know how to select what the sites say they do and what they do. There is an issue if all these things aren’t the same and our experts will make sure that you know it.

The content of an online site analysis is limited to the evaluator’s quality.

A high-quality reviewer would deliver a high quality, accurate analysis, with the right resume and prerequisites. Well a checker of poorer quality would deliver the garbage you might expect from them.

We are still incorrect with caution

While many online sportsbooks aim to be open, none of them allows people to pour their books, finances and internal functions. No company in any sector does that, so it’s not a negative thing or an alarming thing. But it means that often things aren’t obvious if the website is less straightforward than we would like it to be.

We have noticed that many online review sites normally prefer to give the sportsbook the benefit of the doubt. This is a harmful activity. “Oh, don’t they tell you how long cash-outs are going to take? Well we just should presume they’re fast.” You’re probably able to see why it’s a bad idea to do it. It simplifies their work, but it doesn’t help you get a precise image of what you sign up for.

Here’s what we’re doing:

We still err on the cautionary side. If we can’t prove it’s true, we believe it’s not. Don’t publish cash out times and don’t find out what they are for us? We’ll say that they’re bad. Don’t you tell us your bonus clearing process? We’ll say the worst. Certainly, this may seem unfair to the platforms, but we believe it’s up to them to have the information that they can trust.

We’re not afraid to be harsh.

The last reason we want to note why our reviews are much better than the others on the Internet is that we are not frightened of being harsh. There are no problems, if it’s justified, with “truth be told” and setting a sportsbook on blast. Too often, other review sites put their children’s gloves on and are afraid of digging into poor aspects of a web.

Either because they’re just terrible at their work or because they earn better feedback from the websites.

Madonna Thomas is the Co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Techno Gaming World. Prior to that, She was responsible for leading its digital marketing team and Content Operations.