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Best Hard Drive for PS4 – Internal and External HDD

In gaming, storage space is never enough no matter how enormous it is, especially for PS4 games. So, we are here with the best hard drive for PS4 both internal HDD and external HDD’s. Thus, the choice is all yours whether you want to upgrade your device with the best internal hard drive for PS4 or use a portable external hard drive to fulfill your needs.

When PS4 was launched initially, now it feels like ages ago. At that time 500GB space was more than enough for all of us. Although games were large at that time now the size of the game is becoming larger and larger so the small base drive of PS4 is not enough. Hence, if you want to enjoy new games without losing your older data then either upgrade your device or get a portable external drive. In both cases, you will have enough space to store games like Red Dead Redemption 2 requiring up to 100GB space.

So, if any user has decided about increasing storage space then the first one thing should be known to you. As your friend’s shoes may not fit in your feet, similarly every drive can’t be used by PS4. PS4 uses a smaller 2.5-inch drive with a maximum vertical clearance of up to 9.5 mm. Some drivers are too tall to fit so make sure that you choose a hard drive of proper size. One other point that you should keep in your mind is that internal drive should be greater then 160GB and the external drive needs to be connected through USB 3.0 with a storage capacity from 250GB to 8TB.

In this article, we are briefly reviewing 5 best external and 5 best internal hard drives for PS4. This will make the selection a lot easier for you. But still, if you can’t decide about the best product then our buyer’s guide will prove to be very helpful in making the right decision.

Best Hard Drive for PS4 (External and Internal):

1. SAMSUNG T7 Touch Portable SSD – Best Overall
2. HGST Touro S External Hard drive – Best Speed
3. WD Elements External HDD for PS4 – Best Lightweight
4. Seagate Expansion External Hard disk – Best Value
5. Lacie Rugged Thunderbolt – Rugged and Portable
6. Samsung 860 QVO – Best Internal SSD for PS4
7. Samsung 860 EVO – Best Overall Internal SSD
8. Seagate Gaming SSHD ST1000LM014 – Best Budget
9. Seagate Barracuda – Best Value HDD for PS4
10. Crucial MX500 – Best Value SSD for PS4

Why would I need an External Hard Drive?

External hard drives are extremely portable, easy to use, and can help you in storage large amounts of data. It’s not just about storing the data, actually, you can carry that data anywhere with yourself. Also, whenever you need to transfer data from one computer to another, it can be extremely beneficial. So, sharing a large number of movies and large gaming files with your friend won’t be a problem anymore.

Having the ability to store large amounts of data (often in terabytes) makes it perfect to use for storing backed up files safely, in case you need them later. You can use third-party programs to store music, pictures and video collection to an external hard drive to safely keep them.

It’s not just about that, you can also use them for extending your computer space without opening the whole computer. Sometimes, space on your computer gets low, you can simply copy some files and move them to an external hard drive to save space. So, having an external hard drive can always be beneficial.

Best Hard Drive For PS4

Best External Hard Drive for PS4

External hard drive are portable and connected to the computer by a cable. Most of the time they are powered by the computer while sometime they draw their own power through a wall socket. We have collected all the best products on the market with various storage’s and price to meet your needs.

1. SAMSUNG T7 Touch Portable SSD – Best Overall


Super Fast
Metallic Design
Fingerprint Reader
Compatible with all OS

Verdict: Apart from being a little expensive, it’s the best thing you can get

The Samsung SSD T7 is the best hard drive for PS4 considering performance and durability. Although there are many SSDs available in the market but the read and write speed of T7 is quicker than all its competitors. Moreover, being compact and durable, PS4 games can be carried to different places without any worries. So, users who are constantly traveling will be please by it the most. However, for some users the price tag may not be friendly, the features are worth every penny.

If you look at the build quality it is made up of metal from top to bottom. The design is such that it can fit in the palm of your hand very easily. The hard drive comes with USB Type-C to Type-C and Type-C to Type-A cables which make connectivity convenient. Along with this, the best hard drive for PS4 comes with a fingerprint reader for security and offers a storage capacity of 500GB. More, apart from PS4, it’s compatible with MAC, PC and Android devices.

2. HGST Touro S – Best and Fastest External HDD


Stylish & Portable Design
USB 3.0
7200 RPM Speed
3GB Free Cloud Backup

Verdict: If you are searching a huge amount of space and super-fast speed then here you are.

The best hard drive for PS4 comes with 1TB storage space and 7200 RPM speed. Although it is HDD but performance is 20% faster than other HDD models whic run with the speed of 5200-5400 RPM. Due to this load time is shorter, storage retrieval is quicker and games can be saved very faster. The only shortcoming in the Touro S is that you won’t find any 2TB or 3TB model, as 1TB might not be enough for some users. But if 1TB storage space is enough for you then it is the fastest HDD you can find.

Going towards the design, its appearance and color are just like an Apple product. Bold whites and metallic color make the design stylish, along wit this aluminum enclosure make it durable and ultra-portable. Further, the best hard drive for PS4 is available in Ruby, Gold, Platinum and Silver color so you can choose your favorite. As this is an external drive so for connectivity USB 3.0 is included. On top of that users who plug this into PC or Mac will have 3GB free cloud storage and also a very easy use of Apple apps. But unfortunately, PS4 ignore these additional shiny features.

3. WD Elements HDD – Portable and Enormous Storage Capacity


Faster Data Transfer
High Storage Capacity
2 Years Warranty
Plug & Play

Verdict: It’s stylish, provides huge storage, is portable and affordable.

The WD elements is a compact, high capacity storage external drive and comes with a reasonable price. This best hard drive for PS4 comes in a variety of sizes that is from 4TB to 10TB so you can choose the size according to your budget and needs. Moreover, the design is stylish and highly portable thus you can carry your data in a very convenient way. Along with this the two years manufacturer’s limited warranty make the deal fair and square. However, if you compare this with Seaget Expansion then WD is a bit slower in performance.

The simple design of WD elements enables it to work well with both PCs and PS4. In addition, you can use it either as a storage expansion or a backup drive hence WD elements is one of the best hard drive for PS4. So users who are looking for a convenient device to carry their data around it is the best choice. On the other hand, if you need features like security and backup software then this hard drive will not be the best choice. But if one does not have a budget issue then you can get the backup software by paying a little extra.

4. Seagate Expansion – Best Value Hard Drive


Higher Storage Capacity
Faster Files Transfer
USB 3.0 for Connectivity
Compatible with win 7 & 8

Verdict: Do you require huge space to store games, this is where you get it.

If your selection is on the “go big” motto the Seaget Expansion should be under your consideration. It is the best hard drive for PS4 with an enormous storage space. So, the available storage space of your PS4 can be increase with the USB 3.0 external hard drive in a nominal way. Moreover, the price is made much reasonable considering the high GB per dollar value. Along with this the drive comes in different sizes range that is from 3TB to 8TB so you can choose such size which will fulfill all your needs.

As there are many external drives for PS4 but with 8TB storage capacity, Seagate Expansion is hard to beat. Due to such an enormous space, it has earned the third position in our list of best hard drives for PS4. One thing that you must know is that it requires a separate power cord to operate so before planing your setup keep this in mind. Further, this drive requires Windows 7 or 8 operating systems, but if you want Mac compatibility then it needs to reformat first. Reformatting will erase all your data which might not be acceptable for some users.

5. Lacie Rugged Thunderbolt – Best for Rugged nature and Mobility


Thunderbolt Speed
Include USB 3.0
Shock, Dust & Water Resistant
Compatible with all OS

Verdict: Is it speed and durability that you need? Lacie thunderbolt have everything that you need.

Lacie rugged is the most rocky and most portable hard drive available at the market. As it comes with IP 54 protection due to which the best hard drive for PS4 is highly resistant to shock, dust and water. Also, it can survive up to two meter drop which is certainly admirable. Travelers will love the high durability because the climates and environments are not always friendly yet the harsh conditions will not have any effect on it. On top of that the hard drive is bus powered for complete mobility.

Going towards the connectivity, you will be pleased to know that the best hard drive for PS4 comes with USB 3.0 which in turn offers universal connectivity. What will please you the most is the thunderbolt 387MB per second transfer speed. Along with this, the hard drive possesses automatic backup capabilities. Further, the 1-month complimentary membership to Adobe Creative Cloud is an additional pleasure. Last but not least you will have 2TB storage space to accomplish all of your gaming needs.

Best Internal Hard Drive for PS4

You might know that no gaming enthusiast has doubt about the importance of upgrading your internal hard drive with a powerful one. The better will be the hard drive, the outstanding will be the result. So, to take your gaming experience to next level we are here with 5 best internal hard drive for PS4.

1. Samsung 860 QVO – Best hard drive for PS4


Latest 4-bit MLC Technology
Faster Read & Write Speed
Higher Storage Capacity
SATA III Interface

Verdict: If being expensive isn’t a problem and the best only matters, nothing can beat Samsung 860 QVO.

This internal hard drive is SSD in nature due to which its performance is exceptional compare to traditional HDD. You may know that SSDs are up to 5 time faster then HDD which certainly make it a deal. If you are concerned about the reliability then SSDs are more reliable, accurate and can last for years. Therefore, the best hard drive for PS4 comes with a 3 years limited warranty. The only hurdle in getting Samsung 860 QVO is the higher price but if budget is not an issue then don’t worry about the performance.

The best hard drive for PS4 possesses latest 4-Bit MLC technology due to which the read/write speed is 500/520 MB per second. Further, the hard drive comes in a variety of sizes that is 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB, the price also varies accordingly. So, choose such a size that will easily fit in your budget and also fulfill all your gaming needs. Along with this, the hard drive is compatible with any device either PCs or laptops which accept 2.5 inches SATA III drive. Hence, this internal SSD will maximize the performance of PS4 to the highest possible level and will give such gaming experience that you have never expected before.

2. Samsung 860 EVO – Best Internal SSD for PS4 Overall


V-NAND Technology
Faster Read & Write Speed
SATA III Interface
5 Years Warranty

Verdict: If you got enough money, an upgrade to the best hard drive for PS4, such as Samsung EVO will do the job.

If you are looking for even better option then 860 QVO then Samsung 860 EVO is right here. The best hard drive for PS4 is powered by Samsung V-NAND technology thus the performance is further enhanced. On the off chance comparing the read and write speed with 860 QVO then it is 550 MB/s and 520 MB/s respectively. No doubt SSD is a good upgrade for standard PS4 but due to slower SATA II connection you may not get the desirable SSD’s speed. However, if you have PS4 Pro then there is no better option then Samsung 860 EVO.

Talking about compatibility, operating system like windows 7 or 8, Mac OS X and Linux are acceptable. Further, this hard drive is compatible with any device that will accept 2.5 inch SATA III drive. On top of that the best hard drive for PS4 comes with various sizes, from 250GB on the lower end to 4TB on the higher end. Hence, if you want both fast and huge storage capacity then SSD like this is the most convenient way to add up to 4TB to your PS4. But keep this in mind that getting an internal SSD like this will cost you a lot.

3. Seagate Gaming SSHD ST1000LM014 – Best Budget Internal HSSD for PS4


Faster Data Transfer
8GB Cache Capacity
SATA Interface
2.5 inch Width

Verdict: If it speed what matters, an affordable Seagate ST1000LM014 would be a better choice to go for.

This best hard drive for PS4 is a hybrid, which means that performance is like SSD but price is like HDD. The 1TB gaming SSHD comes with some improvements granted by full SSD, like shorter load time and faster install time without any higher price tag. Keep this in mind that this SSHD also rely on a physical disk spinning at 5400 RPM so the performance will not be as faster like the traditional SSD. But without any doubt this hard drive will increase your storage capacity and in many games the performance will also increase.

If you want to know the speed in term of MB then the maximum external data transfer rate is 768 MB per second. Moreover, the best hard drive for PS4 comes with SATA interface and is compatible with any device that accept 2.5 inch drive. The best part of the PS4 hybrid drive which attract most users is the affordable price tag. Hence, purchaser with limited budget who want SSD’s like performance will be please by it the most. On top of that the hybrid drive prioritizes the frequently used data on the SSD part therefore performance is much better then HDD.

4. Seagate Barracuda – Best Value Hard Drive for PS4


Higher Storage
128MB Cache Capacity
SATA Interface
2.5 inch Width
Faster Data Transfer

Verdict: This one is for one’s with lower budget with requirements of a huge space.

A simple hard drive that will upgrade the storage capacity of your PS4 or PS4 Pro up to great level. The other three internal drives which we have included in the list are SSDs so everyone can’t afford them. Therefore we have included such HDD which is the best hard drive for PS4 and is extremely affordable. Further, if you wait for a deal then this HDD can be obtain in a lesser price then that of a new game. Along with this the availability of different sizes range that is from 500GB to 5TB further make it a deal.

Seagate Barracuda best hard drive for PS4 comes with standard spin rate of 5400 RPM, also the 128MB cache is a presentable size in such a standard HDD. Moreover, the hard drive is compatible with any device that will accept a 2.5-inch drive with a SATA interface. The built-in multi-tier caching technology offers outstanding performance with very low power consumption. The durability of a product can be guessed from the manufacturer’s warranty, here it is 2 years which is more than enough for such an affordable drive.

5. Crucial MX500 – Best Value Internal SSD for PS4


Higher Storage Capacity
Faster Read/Write Speed
Accelerated by 3D NAND Technology

Verdict: If you want the best value SSD for upgrading your PS4, no one can beat Crucial MX500.

Although Crucial has not the same reputation as the Samsung, but when it comes to SSD the MX500 is a great internal storage drive for PS4. Since, it provides great value and superb performance, therefore we have included it in our list. Moreover, the best internal SSD for PS4 has faster read and write speed compared to the Samsung 860 Evo. Plus, the base price of 1TB Crucial MX500 is lower compared to the price of 1TB 860 Evo. Though, price get changes day by day, so you should not be surprise if one is more expensive than the other.

Available from 250GB to 2TB, storage space should not be an issue for you. Along with this, it comes with 256-bit hardware-based encryption that keeps your data safe from hackers. More, the reliability is world-class, since it gives you the perfect combination of quality and performance. On top of that, the manufacturer-backed thousands of hours of validation and dozens of qualification tests with a 5-year warranty.

Choosing Best Hard Drive for PS4 2020- Buyer’s Guide

Before going to the market to buy a product some basic knowledge is needed, so that your choice will be the best. As many users can’t decide which product is best, therefore, we are here with some general tips that will help you in finding the best product. Whether you are looking for an internal or external hard drive, you can make the final decision on the basis of the following factors. Choosing a product on these factors will be worthy of investment and will deliver outstanding performance.

Storage Capacity

Whenever a person is looking for a hard drive it means that he/she has no room left on the current drive and is tired of figuring out that which game or app to delete. Hence, the new drive that you are looking for should be such that it will accomplish your current gaming needs and also has enough spare space for the future.

Importance of Speed

The next important factor that you should consider is the speed of a hard drive. The faster it will perform the better will be your gaming experience. As games download, files transfer and load time all depends upon the speed of a hard drive therefore, speed should be an important part of your decision-making process. Thus, in this regard SSDs are the best, then come SSHDs and HDDs are on the last number in this run.

Is it Compatable?

The most important thing to keep in mind in the selection process is the compatibility of a hard drive with your console. So, the hard drive should be such that comes with all the necessary tools. On the other hand, if the required tools are not included then you have to spend more to make it fit in your system.

Does it fit in your Budget?

The last thing that needs to be considered before making a final decision is the price of a hard drive. Make sure that you choose such a hard drive that easily fit in your budget, also compare it with the competitors. If the competitors also come with the same features, storage space, and speed but with low budget then go for that.

Different Types of Hard Drive

You may already know that PS4’s hard drives are available in three different types that is SSD, HSSD, and HDD. The general overview of these three different hard drives is as follows.

Solid State Drive (SSD)

SSDs are the fastest hard drive ever introduced to the market and in terms of speed, no one can compete them. But the biggest hurdle in getting them is the higher price tag which everyone can’t afford. Also, they do not offer such an enormous storage space like the traditional HDD.

Traditional HDD

This type of hard drives come with an enormous storage capacity that can create your own gaming library. Also, they are much affordable but not as fast as SSDs. So, don’t expect any next-level performance from them but still, high-end HDDs perform much better than your basic PS4 drive.

Solid State Hybrid Drive (SSHD)

To overcome the cons of the above two type an innovative type of hard drive has been introduced to the market. As the name suggests it is a hybrid of HDD and SSD thus, perform almost like SSD and offer storage capacity like HDD. Moreover, the price is not $10 more than the traditional HDD of the same size.

Top 3 Brands of Hard Dive

As you know that the product performs only as better as the brand behind it. So, to know the top three brands in the hard drive’s world read on.


Most of you will know Samsung due to their cell phone and television products but the hard drive manufactured by them is also none the less. Further, they also make some internal parts in Apple products therefor their hard drives come with innovative features for an excellent performance.

Western Digital (WD)

Western Digital has been in the games for ages and is making world-class gaming products. So, the hard drive manufacture by them is most durable, reliable and fast thus perfect for games.


In this article we have included some of the best products of Seagate so by now you will be familiar with this brand. The hard drives manufactured by them are the most used and most dependable. The biggest reason that they attract most costumers is the affordable price of their product. Along with this performance is also amazing therefore users can’t resist.

Although there are many brands that make hard drives with acceptable price and performance but the overall products of the above three brands are the best therefore we ranked them on top.

In this article, we have reviewed the ten best hard drives for PS4 both internal and external. The selection of products is purely on merit base and without any biases. Thus, they will serve you in the best possible way and will take your gaming experience to the next level. Moreover, we shall be updating the list so you can visit again for future queries.

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