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6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Playing Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ghost Recon by Tom Clancy: Wildlands is a totally immense game. You may think you know what to expect in an open world game like this, but there are a lot of things you might be worried about. This is the same case where all online slots offering free spins are the same as no deposit games in the genre of iGaming, but all provide a different experience in fact. If you’ve just started playing and haven’t spent much time exploring the game, this article is going to give you a head start.

Using the Drone Still

The tiny flying drone you can use to spot enemies is one of the most valuable tools in your Ghost Recon Wildlands arsenal. It spots enemies automatically and is almost invisible until you literally run it straight into their faces. Right from the start, it’s great and the optional enhancements for items such as battery life and range just make it even better. Before heading into a new place, make sure you always trigger your drone, as it can easily save your life.

Leave behind No Supply

Skill points alone are not enough to unlock new skills. There are different kinds of resources scattered in each encampment and every corner of the game map, such as fuel, medicine, food, and communication supplies. To mark them for pickup, make sure to communicate with these objects. You’re going to need these tools, and you’re still going to catch them, even though you think you have tonnes.

You don’t need anyone to be killed

When you’re fully charged and you see an opponent, it’s always tempting to shoot, but it’s a mistake sometimes. You raise the chances of being noticed by being so linear. Make sure you have a clear route to the target from your firing point, and then behave accordingly. It is not the wisest decision to let your guard down when firing on the enemy.

Don’t disregard the Side Missions

You neglect the side missions in most open world games, but never opt out of any mission in the Ghost Recon Wildlands title. These optional missions allow you to unlock extra help and collect a lot of supplies in one place, making it easier to level up and complete primary story missions.

Don’t Wander, Explore,

You need to experience the open world of gaming to be able to achieve success in the game. But that doesn’t mean that every corner of the map is visited. Yeah, you can get collectibles and you can unlock your character’s potential, but you will be more vulnerable to the enemy. Gathering intel first is the best way to stop travelling in circles looking for collectibles that may not be there. Arrange a course for discovery once you’ve obtained all the Intel you can.

Don’t Stop Bullets’ Helmets

Yeah, you have a helmet and armour for protection in the game, but that doesn’t mean you’re bulletproof. Usually, the first bullet blasts off the helmet for a follow-up shot, leaving the guard vulnerable. Never leave your guard down, therefore.

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