5th Anniversary of Mega Deep to Award $500,000

5th Anniversary of Mega Deep to Award $500,000

With $500,000, what will you do?

That question comes with a whole host of potential responses right before the holiday season officially kicks off. This weekend, when 888Poker makes the cash prize a fact for one fortunate and professional player, online poker players worldwide will get the chance to cash.

The 5th anniversary of the famous $ 215 buy-in Mega Deep tournament hosted by 888Poker is marked this Sunday, November 27. The guarantee was between $100K and $150K in previous years, but that number is going up to $500K for the special anniversary.

That can purchase several gifts or one hell of a winter getaway.

A shortened length of blind levels (down to 20 minutes, from 30) and a second chance re-entry opportunity provide several other changes to the Mega Deep event from previous years. For 300 minutes, repeat players will still have the 15,000 start stack and access to late registration.

The Mega Deep is The Mega Series’ no-limit Hold’em tournament, which typically takes place every Sunday. At 888 Poker, the Super describes a series of tournaments that involve 5 tournaments with big prizes.

The $500K reward from 888Poker for the Super Deep 5th Anniversary celebration is only one of a series of major payouts from recent tournaments. The Super XL Series V was given $3 million in guaranteed price money in May, and it was up to $4 million by September’s Super XL Series V tournament. For matches, it’s not too late to reserve a spot on the virtual table.

5th Anniversary of Mega Deep to Award $500,000

Past Of The Deep Mega

The Mega Deep tournament has drawn some pretty big players, such as Marcelo Garcia Gonzalez and Felipe Salgado, since 2012. The weekly competition, at all skill levels, attracts players from all over the world. Satellites were working right after the end of September Super XL for the special anniversary competition, some around the clock, so players had two months to qualify for the main event on November 27, entering for as little as 1 cent.

With the absolute greatest online poker player of all time, Chris Moorman, on tap to play, the increased guaranteed prize money will definitely attract even more big names. The big part of tournaments like Mega Deep is that both elite players and amateurs who are still learning the sport are drawn.

A perfect way to join the online casino playing area is the Super Deep poker tournament. It’s a smart entry point for players drawn to the allure of big money when they play from home, with a low buy-in and a large payout.

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