5 Of The Best House Of Fun Slot Game Bonuses We’ve Ever Seen

5 Of The Best House Of Fun Slot Game Bonuses We’ve Ever Seen

Who’s a freebie who doesn’t love?

Each pokie lover worth his salt knows that the main game is virtually meaningless in the world of slot sports, where the biggest wins and best bragging rights are to be won in the bonus sequences. Good bonus sequences were few and far between when the social casino app boom began, and games were packed with irritating pop-up ads throwing overpriced credit packages at you. That’s improved, luckily. In order to beat games that don’t even pay out real money, you no longer have to fork out cash! Here are five games from the famous social casino app House of Fun that will bring in winnings in no time at all.

5 Of The Best House Of Fun Slot Game Bonuses We’ve Ever Seen

Three Tigers

Running with a game design that has proven extremely successful in recent years, 3 Tigers allows you, with its “tiger eyes” method, to take small steps towards a big fat jackpot. Over the course of a game, you can collect Tiger Eyes by winning sometimes, landing rare symbols or even just plain dumb luck, and if you manage to collect 20, you’ve made it! With six different free spin/bet multiplier combos to fit every approach, the bonus series is a perfect opportunity to flex your imaginative thinking muscles, too. The fortunate pokie lover awaits up to 20 free spins.

Ferocious Chili

In Wild Chili, the bonus system seems heavily geared towards free spins rather than bet multipliers, which suits us just fine, seeing as the progressive jackpot scheme means that the longer you play, jackpots keep getting bigger. It has been recognized that professional players ride out a session almost exclusively on free spins. That is something worth bragging about on the House of Fun mobile casino app to your mates!

The Bear Mystic

The only downside to bonus rounds, if you ask us, is that they do not last long enough. The problem is solved by Mystic Bear with not one, but two bonus round retriggers. They work at random, so if you feel lucky, try this mobile pokie at House of Fun and see if you can get the bonus sequence going over and over again.

The Kiss Vampire

Adventurous pokie lovers should really sink their teeth into this brand-new release on the House of Fun pokie app (sorry, we were unable to resist). A dynamic bonus round with a lot of interactive options, providing thinking players with some tough choices, suits the sleek graphics.

Golden Mermaids

One of those social casino apps that are improving their game range all the time is House of Fun, so play this one before it’s gone. It’s excellent for credit mining. The bonus sequence invites you to choose from a selection of harps offering generous bet multipliers if you effectively avoid all the seductive sirens that appear over the course of a session. We hear that the golden one also gives a maximum multiplier of 10x-let us know if the reports are real!

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